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All the pages are in alphabetical order.

14th Unit Sky Lagoon

Contains strategies, bios, comics, etc. about Mega Man, Mega Man X and the 14th Unit Sky Lagoon.

AirMan's MegaMan Corner

Even though Airman appears in every page, this site covers all games in the Mega Man series. Also contains a Message Board.

Blue Bomber

A website that has information on Rockman & Forte (Mega Man & Bass).

Da Black X

Has info on the X series games, as well as some videos.


This is under construction. For now, almost none of the pages work. Mostly about the Mega Man X series.

HammerJoe101's page

A site with information about the American Mega Man soundtrack, which had various non Mega Man tunes, and one Mega Man tune. The soundtrack was the American Mega Man Cartoon soundtrack.

Horsemen of the Earth Crisis

A site about Mega Man X5, also with non Mega Man X5 features.

Matt's MegaManX site

Mostly just Animated GIF's.

Mega Man 2000

Has Fan Art, music, videos, etc.

Mega Man 1 World

All about Mega Man (1) for the NES.

Megaman Battle Network Crash

I guess about the Battle Network series but, as of this wrighting, the only thing that's there is a title logo for the site.

Mega Man Domain

Has images and descriptions of many of the Robot Masters from the original Mega Man series, as well as some music.

MegaMan DX

Features walkthroughs, hints, fan art, wallpaper, Comics, music, etc. for all Mega Man games.

MegaMan Empire

Covers the original series. Will be adding more games.

Mega Man HQ

Basically Sonic HQ, but this page is the main page of an entire section to Mega Man.

Mega Man Kingdom

Currently finished. Only a main page with a message remains.

Mega Man Legends Station

A Mega Man Legends only site. Has various hints, media, and misc. features.

Mega Mania

This site has a ton of animated GIF's, both Original and X series.

Mega Man Online

Focused on the original Mega Man series.

Megaman page

Has images, rumors, previews and Animated GIFs. Mostly newer Mega Man X and Battle Network games, but has some original series GIFs.

Mega Man Paradise

Features fan fics, bios, and more for all four Mega Man series.

Mega Man PC Website

One of the more well-known Mega Man sites, this site features hard to find Mega Man music, fan art, information on the Mega Man Battle Network series and even a translation of Rock Board in English!

Mega Man Super Site

Nothing much here, as this site is currently being redone.

MegaMan System

Features images, music, comics, etc.

Mega Man: Robotic War Machine

No longer being updated and all the pages have been removed. Only thing here is a small main page with a message.

Mega Man: The Man In Blue

This Mega Man site has been up and running and dead and unavailable several times. It hasn't been available for a while, so all that's available is a main page. It's possible that this site will never be updated again.

Mega Man X Forever

Nothing much here, other than a main page, and a picture of Zero in "Pic of the Month".

Mega Man Xtreme

Has some information on every Mega Man series, fan art and cartoon information.

Mega Man X Zone

Pure Mega Man X site.

Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters

Mostly about the Mega Man X series, but also has hints and other information on the original series.

The Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog page

Mostly about Mega Man, so that's why it's here. Also has information about Sonic, the N-Team, and the Freedom Fighters, like history, drawings, etc.

The Mega Man Home Page

Possibly, the biggest, most well-known, longest running and most popular Mega Man website in exsitance. This site contains just about everthing Mega Man/Rockman, including intros, plot pages, game hints, cartoon episode guides, etc., and has been around for more than 10 years. Definitely worth checking out at least once.

The Mega Man Manga Place

All about the Rockman Manga (Comics).

The Mega Man Network

This site has been redesigned a couple of times, but is basically the same. Features information on all games in the Mega Man series.