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Welcome to the Mega Man's Land about page. Mega Man's Land first started in May of 2003, as Mega Man's World. The site had a bad start, though. A poorly designed background for the main page, and comics that looked more for 5 year olds forced me to work on the site harder than before if I wanted it to live.

People thought the background was so ugly, that they didn't even want to bother coming back to the site. So I removed the original and made a new one. It became the one that is on the main page now. The original background was blue, with many Mega Man logos that were orange, black, blue and white.

My original comics started out with Mega Man talking to Protoman. They were about to go to Japan, where the Japanese versions of themselves are, but unfortunetly, the series died by the third comic, though I created 2 more to see if anything would be better, but it was no different. So by the time the fifth comic was released, I discontinued the comics...guess Mega Man & Protoman will be stuck in Japan.

Then after that, I knew it was time to make some changes, so I launched the new Mega Man's Land. I changed the name of the site, because I felt it didn't deserve to be called Mega Man's World yet. I created brand new comics that were of much higher quality than the originals, and teenagers found them to be much more enjoyable. Again, it started out bad, but after about the first five comics, they began to gain more popularity. It's been about 5 or 6 months since the last comic. Although the series hasn't been discontinued, I haven't had to much time lately to be posting more comics. Another reason I have been making more comics is because I haven't been able to get the right program to create them.

Game pages were to be improved, but even though the site has been around for more than a year, I never really bothered doing much to the game pages. I created a background for the Mega Man 1 page. I also added more info to the page, and the Mega Man 1 page was nearly completed. I barely did anything more to the Mega Man 2 page. All other pages aren't open yet, sorry.

Last Updated: November 22, 2004