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Want to know what AmeriPlan™ members are saying about the AmeriPlan™ program? Hear directly from people who have taken advantage of our significant savings!

AmeriPlan™ members share their own experiences...

Rose J., Boulder City, NV
"I had my teeth cleaned and x-rayed, and I saved $65.00. Well worth it... I am very pleased with my dentist, Dr. Cahen. With me, he's got a patient for life. I've even recommended him to my friend who has an expensive dental insurance plan."
Tracey G., Jacksonville, FL
"I saved $150.00 three weeks ago when I had my teeth bleached. It would have cost $300.00 without AmeriPlan™. Over the past two years, AmeriPlan™ has saved me over $3,500.00!"
Jess E., Katy City, TX
"I have regular dental insurance as well, so I use AmeriPlan™'s discounted rate and file the remainder with my insurance company. So, my visits cost me even less!"
KaSandra J., Oklahoma City, OK
"I am very impressed by your company. I was hesitant at first to send my money and have it coming out of my check each month, but I'm glad I did. I had just cancelled my dental coverage at my job and, of course, I had a toothache so bad I didnt' know what to do. I saw one of your brochures and sent my check in and got my dental card back real fast. I made my appointment that very next day! Found out my gums were infected. You saved my life! Thank you, AmeriPlan™!"
Matthew J., New York, NY
"Recently, I had a severe toothache on a Saturday night. I called around and was told that it would cost me $200.00 just to open up the dentist's office! I waited until Monday and went to an AmeriPlan™ dentist; it was my first time using the plan. I remember going to the bank and taking out a large amount of money, having no idea how much it would cost me. They took x-rays and extracted the tooth for a total of $57.00, Without AmeriPlan™, this would have cost me around $345.00. I was so happy! My wife couldn’t believe it. From that day on, we kept using AmeriPlan™!"
Sarah B., Las Vegas, NV
"I was at the dentist and saved about $150.00. The dentist I found from the AmeriPlan™ list was so nice and very generous to not only give me my discount for being enrolled in AmeriPlan™, but he also gave me an additional discount on top of that!"
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You must use an Ameriplan provider and pay the discounted fee at the time of service.

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