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AmeriPlan™ is a discount supplemental health benefits program which allows you to save up to 80% on costs associated with dental, vision, chiropractic, and prescriptions.

You get benefits on all four services* for just:

$11.95/mo for individuals or $19.95/mo for an entire household!


  • No claim forms to complete!
  • No restrictions on age, pre-existing conditions, or how many visits you can make!
  • No surprises! Your monthly fee is guaranteed for 2 years!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
If you use any of your AmeriPlan™ benefits within (30) days from the date you receive your membership cards and you do not receive the promised savings, send in a copy of your receipt from the provider, and you will receive a full refund of membership fees.



You must use an Ameriplan provider and pay the discounted fee at the time of service.

Trademarks and Copyrights property of AmeriPlan™ Corporation, 2002, all rights reserved. Used with permission.