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                           The Never Ending Hiatus      



rice! and ramen!THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 19 Im glad i hab karen for a friend, she is such a good person. hhaaha. And Lisa ish kewl cause i can talk to her about stuff. and KELLLY ish KEWL too, cause u noe she's kelly kell kellers!!!! hhaaha. I need to pick up my grades too! wanna be my tutor?? huh. i was so hungry after practice. haha i ate kevin's chips. thanX! lol. Gotta wake up early tommorow so I'll be readie when karen comes to take meeh to skool. uhhh.. im bored now. Like my asian-y webbLOG?/* funkie huh. imma add a chatterbox maybe and a comments thingy juss like xangar if i got time. LATER. ::::hungry::::

rice! and ramen!

Dang! man! when I am in a good mood, something always make me mad AGAIN. wtf. Me and my Family ish going through some hard crap right now too. OoooO! OPps my mistake, haha my brother decided to annoy the hell out mee so I cussed him out. whoa was dat fun. JP. His such a dumbass though. One tree hill was good yesterday!!! I gotta watch dat again next wed. or wheneva. Can't you tell im in a bad mood??? 

i cant find my id. i probably lost it, and some one jacked my cellphone. STUPID FREAKS. my mom ish gonna kill meeh. Unless i come up with 120 dollars to replace it. DUde! and their alreadie stressed out by this buying a house stuff. am i gonna get it or wat??? and watch them get all mad because i got bad grades. Life ish not goin da way i planned. who eva took my cell should get hurt KILLED. I miss my cousins too, not use to not seeing them for a long ass time. LIfe suxS. 

DUde are puppets scarrY or wat?? im scared of dem. seriously too. i could neva stay in da same rm with one by myself. dey are freakish. for real! im not kiddin.
rice! and ramen!
Uhh.. well imma be stuck in my GRANDMA's HOUSE for 3 days. whoopIE.!! man imma be so bored. BE back on Tuesday.

rice! and ramen!
SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 14well like i sed, im at my grannie's house and TODAY I actuallie sat down and read a book. i mean i hab read a book b4 but since 9th grade started not a book that wasnt school related. i read the first couple ob chapters and scared the heck out of myself. it was a freakin horror book. very freaky. i was too afraid of going in a rm by myself. hhaha

rice! and ramen!

Well, Well! This right hurr, is my first entry. the rest are entries from my xanga and stuff. hahhaa.. Well this layout is probably temporary. Or maybe ill keep it for a while. i dono. 

Doesn't Confessions of A Teenage Drama Queen, look so cool? haha. Well I think it is. And I'm going to go watch it!!! Ahhh..! When someone would actually take me! This sucks! 

YEARS: 14 almost 15!
PLACE: LBC, Kali!!!
DOB: 1989, June 29th
NATIONALITY: Cambodian  Vietnamese, Chinese, and Thai. Ain't that quite a mix?

EMAIL: e-mail moi

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Things I got to do! and dates to remember are posted right HERE!
--watch ANGEL!!! 2/18                      

its like this
1. I should've stop thinking life was gonna be alright a long time ago.

2. WIshing something will happen never helps, if it wasn't destiny.

3. How can you play it out like your happy all the time, when you reallie arent?

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coming soon.
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