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Timeline of Samuel Clemens’ Life



1835:   Samuel Langhorne Clemens is born in Florida, Missouri on November 30.


1847:   Sam’s father dies and he is apprenticed to a printer.  


1861:    Sam spends a few weeks in the Confederate army as a volunteer before he deserts   

            to join his brother Orion in Nevada. 


1863:  “Mark Twain” is born on February 3 when Clemens signs a newspaper article with

            that pseudonym.


1864:   Moves to California where he works in San Francisco as a reporter. 


1867:    Sam sets sail on a grand tour of Europe and Middle East. 


1870:   Clemens marries Olivia Langdon in February.


1872:   The newlyweds move to Hartford, Connecticut.


1872:    Oldest daughter Olivia Susan “Suzy” Clemens is born.


1874:   Second daughter Clara Langdon Clemens is born. 


1880:    Youngest daughter Jane “Jean” Lampton Clemens is born. 


1896:   Suzy dies of spinal meningitis while her father is on a world tour. 


1904:   Olivia dies in June at an Italian villa outside Florence while attempting to regain

             her health. 


1909:    Youngest daughter Jean dies on December 24 of an epileptic attack. 


1910:   Clemens dies on April 21 at home in Redding, Connecticut.