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This is Brock and me.


Yep, I do this to all of my friends. 


This is Kevin and me with our studly mullets.


This is me playing Twister with Kelsie and Elisha on New Year's Eve.  It was a great New Year.


More Twister with Kelsie.


Ezra.  He's one crazy guy. Shiiiii!


 Chipper.  What a cool dude.




Curiosity killed the cat....I killed Brock. 


Here's Brian chillin at my house.


 This is Weston.  I think an animal is eating his head.


 Some friends and me hangin out at the National Honor Society initiation.


Kelsie and some hot guy at the NHS.


Where's Brock!?!?


Here's Elisha and me on the last day of Freshman year.


This is me and my cousin, Matt.  We were about 14 years old. 


This is matt and me again.  Weren't we cute? 


Mark, Danny, and me before our basketball tournament.  None of us had played basketball for at least one year.


They kicked us out.  I wonder why.


Beaver rode on Kevin's back for 31 minutes this night. 


This is when Kevin and I shoveled my driveway.  I thought the picture would be a lot more funny if I edited out the other end of the shovel.


Here's Chuck sliding down a rail.