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This page has some games you can play to distract yourself from that lonely, pathetic thing you call a life.  Oh, some of these might not load right, but don't cry.

This game is called Asteroids.  Move with the arrows and shoot with the space bar. Don't get hit.






UFO Attack. Shoot the UFOs with the left mouse button.






This is ping pong.  It's the same as pong and if you don't know how to play Pong, and you can't figure it out on your own, then your too dumb to play it anyway, so don't even bother.







If you don't know how to play Pacman, then the same rule goes as before.  Use the arrows to move.








This is Driver.  Use A for gas and Z for brake.  The arrows are to turn.  





You've played Mr. Potato Head before.  Just click on the pieces and drag them over to the potato.