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My name is Ash, I've been involved in CB Radio since I was 13 years of age. My first radio was an Expo Bandit 18 channel AM Cybernet chassis radio and my original callsign was the 'BLACK DIAMOND' on AM and the 'AF14' on SSB. I was doing work experience in the local CB shop (Jenson Intersound And Electronics, now defunct) when I told the technician (Andy) that I had just got my radio. He said to bring it in and he'd wind it up and put extra channels in it for me. Well that was the beginning for me. Andy wound up the radio for me and gave it 72 channels. I watched as he did this and he explained what he was doing. It seemed pretty straight forward to me so I bought some books that were written by Lou Franklin (The PLL Data Book, The Screwdriver Wizards Handbook) which explained it all in more detail. From this I became a backyard technician (screwdriver wizard), adding extra channels and winding up radios. I did this really cheap, charging half the price that everyone else was charging. Some people were really cheesed off as I cut into their business. I used to get paid out by one bloke in particular, Burger, then known as Sandbagger 7. He was a middle man, he couldn't modify a radio to save his life but he knew a technician and would profit by being a middle man. I've never been a rip off merchant so I used to get great pleasure from taking his business. Most of my customers were unemployed and couldn't afford his prices anyway. If I earn't enough to go and buy some smoko for doing a job, I was happy. By this time I was running a JIL Citizen Base Station based on the Cybernet SSB PTBM048AOX chassis. I repaired a Yaesu FT-101E for a bloke, I was that impressed that I bought the radio. I have since owned many different amateur radios, Kenwood and Yaesu but in my opinion, Yaesu leave Kenwood for dead. I still do the odd repair or modification but not much anymore as it seems most CB'ers want the job done for nothing. Nowadays I just enjoy playing with my own radios.

After a ten year or so break, I have got back into playing with radio's. I now use the callsign 43 LSD 01 in remembrance of my best friend Paul who was LSD1 on AM back in the day in Adelaide. 43 is Australia's division number in the world of DX, LSD after my mate Paul and 01, my unit number. As I'm the only one, it's 01. Many people presume my callsign is to do with drugs and it may well have been in Paul's eyes but for me it's solely in remembrance of Paul. He enters my mind every single day, he was a good mate, the best. My new log so far contains 31 countries, 4 continents contacted and counting as of 01/03/2015. I now mainly just try and add more countries to my DX contact list. All the old AMer's have migrated to channel 35 LSB turning it into the chook farm that channel 11 AM was. So you'll generally find me up on 27.555 MHz USB, where the magic begins. Long distance DX skip.

I've since had a visit from a radio inspector and was very, very lucky not to lose all my radio's. Fortunately I had joined the local amateur radio group and was waiting to sit for my license. So now, after many years operating as a pirate operator, I'm now a licensed amateur radio operator. VK8FLSD is my callsign, hope to hear you out there.

Yaesu Amateur Radio Equipment I have owned.

I've owned the FL-100B and the FR-200B pictured above. A pigeon pair. I spoke to South Africa and the signal report said I sounded as good as the more modern radio's. Not bad for a radio that was made in 1965. Too cool!

Yaesu FT-100B Receiver Schematic Diagram.

Yaesu FT-200B Transmitter Instruction Book.

Yaesu FT-101E, I repaired one and was so impressed that I bought it.

Yaesu FT-101E Instruction Manual.

Yaesu FT-101E Service Manual.

Yaesu FT-101 Transceiver Page .

Yaesu FT-101 Audio Mods.

Fox Tango FT-101 Page.

Yaesu FT-200, one bloody heavy unit with the power supply.

Yaesu FT-200 Service Manual.

Yaesu FT-200 Schematic Diagram.

Fox Tango FT-200 Page.

Modifying the Sommerkamp FT-250 Yaesu FT-200/Tempo One.

Yaesu FT-7B, the worst quality Yaesu that I've owned. What a horrible clarifier setup, forever going off frequency.

Yaesu FT-7B User Manual.

FT7 Mods by AD5X.

Yaesu FT-757GXII, very nice radio. I bought one off a bloke called 'Snacky'(Charlie Baker 35 an absolute wanker)to shut him up as all I could hear was him. He was the station of the nation till I bought it, then he just became a nothing once again.

Yaesu FT-757GXII Operating Manual.

Yaesu FT-757GXII Technical Supplement.

Yaesu FT-757GXII Service Manual.

Yaesu's FRG-7 Communications Receiver. Affectionately known as The Frog.

Yaesu FRG-7 Communications Receiver Instruction Manual.

Yaesu's FRG-8800 Receiver.

Yaesu FRG-8800 Communications Receiver Operating Manual.

Yaesu FRG-8800 Communications Receiver Service Manual.

Yaesu FRT-7700 Antenna Tuner for receiver.

Yaesu FRT-7700 Antenna Tuner Instruction Manual.

Yaesu FC-707 Antenna Tuner.

Yaesu FC-707 Antenna Tuner Instruction Manual.

Yaesu FT-900, the best Yaesu radio that I've owned. Unreal antenna tuner that adjusts itself as you change frequency.

Yaesu FT-900 Operating Manual.

Yaesu FT-900 Technical Supplement.

Yaesu FT-101B.

Yaesu FT-101B Instruction Manual.

Yaesu FT-101E Service Manual.

Yaesu FT-101 Transceiver Page .

Yaesu FT-101 Audio Mods.

Fox Tango FT-101 Page.

Yaesu FT-767GX. It was fitted with all 3 transverter modules.

Yaesu FT-767GX Operating Manual.

Yaesu FT-767GX Service Manual.

Yaesu FT-107M, currently in the shack with a DDS connected as external VFO to increase it's frequency range and to stop it drifting. What a brillant RF speech processor!!!

Yaesu FT-107 Instruction Manual.

Yaesu FT-107 Technical Supplement 2.

Yaesu FT-107 Tech Section 3.



Yaesu FTDX-1200. The latest addition to the shack. Hopefully the last HF radio I'll ever need. But then, you never know. The FTDX-1200 has the FFT-1 board and the SCU-17 USB PC Interface.

Yaesu FTDX-1200 Operating Manual.

Yaesu FTDX-1200 Brochure.

Yaesu SCU-17 USB Interface Unit.

Yaesu FFT-1 Board Information.

Yaesu FTDX-1200 Introduction Video.

Kenwood Amateur Radio Equipment I have owned.

Kenwood TS-120V.

Kenwood TS-120 Operating Manual.

Kenwood TS-120S Service Manual.

Kenwood TS-120V Mods.

Kenwood TS-600.

Kenwood TS-600 User Manual.

Kenwood TS-520S.

Kenwood TS-520S User Manual.

Kenwood TS-520S Service Manual.

Kenwood TS-520S Schematic Diagram.

Kenwood TS-520S Modifications.

Kenwood TS-820S.

Kenwood TS-820S User Manual.

Kenwood TS-820S Service Manual.

Kenwood TS-820S Schematic Diagram.

Kenwood TS-820S Modifications.

Kenwood R-2000 Receiver.

Kenwood R-2000 Instruction Manual.

Kenwood R-2000 Service Manual.

Kenwood TS-440S.

Kenwood TS-440S User Manual.

Kenwood TS-440S Service Manual.

Kenwood TS-440S Schematic Diagram.

Kenwood TS-440S Modifications.

Kenwood MC-50 Desk Microphone.

Kenwood MC-50 Desk Microphone Instruction Manual.

Kenwood MC-60A Desk Microphone. Yaesu don't make amplified desk mics but Kenwood make bloody good ones. I have two of them. One on my HR2510 and one on my Yaesu FT-107M.

Kenwood MC-60A Desk Microphone Instruction Manual.

Japan Radio Corporation equipment I have owned.

JRC NRD-505 Communications Receiver.

JRC NRD-505 Communications Receiver Schematic Diagram.

Icom Amateur Radio Equipment I have owned.

Icom IC-u16.

Icom IC-u16 Owners Manual.

Modifying and Programming Icom IC-u16.

Wouxun Amateur Radio Equipment I have owned.

Wouxun KG-UV6D. Currently in my shack.

Wouxun KG-UV6D User Manual.

President Amateur Radio Equipment I have owned.

President HR2510 Amateur Radio. Currently in my shack.

President HR2510 Owners Manual.

Roger Birds HR2510 Page.

27MHz HF CB Radio Equipment I have owned.

Expo Bandit 18 AM Cybernet PLL02A CB Radio, my first radio.

Uniden AX-144 SSB uPD2824 CB Radio.

Uniden AX144 Owners Manual.

General Electric A3-5825B 'B Model' Cybernet PLL02A PTBM071COX SSB CB Radio.

General Electric A3-5825B Service Manual.

General Electric A3-5825B Alignment Points.

General Electric A3-5825B Schematic Diagram.

General Electric A3-5825B Channel Frequency & Truth Table Charts.

General Electric A3-5825B Trouble Shooting Chart.

General Electric A3-5825B LED & Switch Boards.

General Electric A3-5825B RF Board Layout.

General Electric A3-5825B IF Board Layout.

General Electric A3-5825B Cabinet Exploded View.

General Electric A3-5825B Parts List.

General Electric A3-5825B Switch Connection Diagram.

General Electric A3-5825B Block Diagram.

Kemtronic SSB-1000 SSB CB Radio. Known for dry joints throughout.

JIL Citizen SSB Base Station Cybernet CB Radio. Had a binary box connected giving 512 Channels in 5 KHz or 10 KHz steps

Cybernet PTBM048AOX Alignment Page.

Service and Alignment.

Parts Layout.

Parts List.

Schematic Diagram.

Pearse Simpson Bengal SSB CB Radio. I operated while living with LSD1 Paul. RIP mate.

Pearse Simpson Bengal SSB Owners Manual Page 1 to 10.

Pearse Simpson Bengal SSB Owners Manual Page 11 to 21.

Pearse Simpson Bengal SSB Schematic Diagram.

Contact PSC 301 SSB CB Radio.

Uniden PC122 SSB CB Radio. Rubbish chassis.

Uniden PC122 SSB Owners Manual.

Uniden PC122XL Mods Main Page.

Courier Spartan SSB uPD858 CB Radio.

Courier Spartan SSB Owners Manual Page 1 to 19.

Courier Spartan SSB Owners Manual Page 20 to 38.

Courier Spartan SSB Schematic Diagram.

Courier Centurion 40D SSB Base Station uPD858CB Radio.

Courier Centurion 40D SSB Schematic Diagram.

CPI 2000 SSB Base Station CB Radio. Didn't like the receive. Some people love them, unfortunately, I didn't like it.

CPI 2000 SSB Schematic Diagram.

Ferris SSB-5000 SSB uPD858 CB Radio. I had 3 thumbwheel switches on mine giving many channels.

Ferris SSB-5000 SSB Schematic Diagram.

HMV Roadhound SSB PLL02A CB Radio.

Cybernet PTBM048AOX Alignment Page.

Service and Alignment.

Parts Layout.

Parts List.

Schematic Diagram.

Uniden Pro 640e SSB uPD2824 CB Radio.

Uniden Pro 640e Service Manual.

Pearse Simpson Super Lion MKII SSB CB Radio.

Pearse Simpson Super Lion MkII Owners Manual.

Pearse Simpson Super Cheetah MKIII SSB CB Radio.

Pearse Simpson Super Panther SSB PLL02A CB Radio. Currently in my shack with a Digimax 256 channel selector / 3 digit readout fitted.

Cybernet PTBM048AOX Alignment Page.

Service and Alignment.

Parts Layout.

Parts List.

Schematic Diagram.

Expo Phantom Communicator SSB PLL02A CB Radio.

Cybernet PTBM048AOX Alignment Page.

Service and Alignment.

Parts Layout.

Parts List.

Schematic Diagram.

Cobra 139XLR SSB Base Station uPD858 CB Radio.

Cobra 139XLR Owners Manual Page 1 to 18.

Cobra 139XLR Owners Manual Page 19 to 37.

Cobra 139XLR Schematic Diagram.

Cobra 142GTL SSB Base Station MB8719 CB Radio.

Cobra 142GTL Owners Manual.

Cobra 142GTL Schematic Diagram.

Cobra 142GTL Tech Note 1226.

Cobra 142GTL Tech Note 1227.

Royce 1-625 Deluxe AM Base Station CB Radio. Currently in shack.

477MHz UHF CB Radio Equipment I have owned.

Philips FM320, Australia's first UHF CB radio. One simple internal adjustment gave Police frequency transmit capability

Philips FM320 Repeater Board.

Philips FM320 Mods.

Philips FM 620.

Philips FM 620 Operators Manual.

Philips FM 650SD.

Philips FM 650SD Owners Manual.

Uniden UH-011.

Uniden UH-011 Owners Manual.

Uniden Sundowner UH-088.

Uniden UH-088 Owners Manual.

Sawtron 999. I never actually got to use it as my friend 'Lazerzap/954 Ron' needed to get to Victoria to pick up his inheritance, a '57 Chev. So I told him to sell the radio and use the money to get there.

Sawtron/Kyodo 999 Operators Manual.

Apollo AP400 Deluxe UHF Transceiver. Currently in shack.

Apollo AP400 Service Manual.

Commercial UHF Radio Equipment I have owned.

Philips FM 900.

Philips FM 91 (900 series) Service Manual.

Philips / SIMOCO PRM 8010.

Modifying the PRM80 series radios.

Motorola GP300.

Motorola Syntrx. EPROM programmable.

Not a bad collection for a CB radio operator. I've never bothered with getting my Amateur Radio License because I can't stand the sound of morse code, which up until recently has been a requirement. But as they have now dropped it as a requirement, I may go and get it sometime in the next year. We'll see. Hope to catch you on the air waves.

73's and all the luckies around the dial.

43 LSD 01


Ciao for now.

My QSL card.

Some great software for Windows.

A fantastic DSP audio filter, it's like dolby for your radio.

The Defpom's CB Radio Simulator. PLL circuitry.

The CB EPROM Data Book.

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