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Teen Zit and Acne Resource- written by teens for teens CLICK HERE FOR THE WORLDS BEST ACNE PRODUCTS!


Teens free from Zits!


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The attitude needed

What has to go

What has to come in

Teenagers face cleaning

Oil control- vital

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"To pop or not to pop?"

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Final word

This site is not meant to offer you quick fix remedies to get rid of your zits, but instead tell you of my experiences, what works for me and what does not.

Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Matt Delerm, I live in South Africa and yes like the rest of you, I suffered from pimples. When I started high school my face exploded into a disgusting volcano of pimples. Oozing puss from every available inch of skin on my face. Entering a new school and all, these zits really destroyed my self-image and caused me to become very introverted. It was only after many years of suffering and many hundreds of dollars later that I realized that with the right routine, healthy eating and some little known tricks that acne can be beaten quickly and cheaply. In this web site I hope to explain what I have done to become a 19 year old zit free extroverted teen. Ok, well there is no time to waist, lets get right into it. I have divided my site into categories work through the list on the left.


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