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 Kev’s  Web Page

Carolina Panthers are tight!


My TV hasn’t been shipped yet L

It hurtsL



New Favorite Song:

112 f/Ludacris - Hot and Wet

Eminem - Bully



Best Message on AIM:

“Life is full of possibilities- Never Wonder!” -Danny

“School sucks, just give me the 6 digit salary now!”–John


Best Quotes:

“Don’t people understand its like driving; we’re not in fucken England” –Christine

(In Vegas when we’re walking on the right of people and people comeing the other way run into us)

“I know where bound to see some MILFS” –Jay going xmas shopping

“Pick and choose your battles” –Rachel (My adopted step sis helps me get out of trouble allot)

“So, Rachel I couldn’t help notice you have a tongue ring thereJ”(with a big grin) –Dave hitting on Rachel (LOL could not stop laughing)



Great Quotes:

"The touch of your head on my shoulder, i know my dreams have come tru, girl you know i'll always treasure you"...

"no one else comes close to you, no one makes me feel the way you do, your so special girl to me, and you always will be" -JOE (PROMISE!!)

“They just keep hounded at me now that I’m down with fifty suddenly now I got beef with this fagget JA, but his ass is such a puppet IRV can shove his whole hand up him and make him say what he wants him to say”   “so now JA now thinks that he’s so tough and Murder Inc’s the big bad woof and there going to huff and puff and blow our label down, but our building is made out of bricks so you aint taken out shit and dog you just did a song with bobby brown, so now you try to pull the race card and it back fires in your face hard cuz you know we don’t play that black and white shit”  “you aint no fucken Bully”  “dog I’m talking to you to straight if the situation escalate any worse were goin to loose another soldier to this game, and if I get killed for this rap I got a million in cash that says I will get you back in Hailly’s name” – EMINEM Bully

“Fuck money, I don’t rap for dead presidents, id rather see the president dead;  its never been said but I set precedents” –EMINEM We as Americans






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