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These are the rules for the trainers, before you train under a trainer make absolutely shure that you know the rule.

1.No more than the required days can be trained under a trainer.
2.Until you can leave earth you are restricted to trainers who have (Earth) by their names.
3.You cannot, battle, spar, compete in tournaments, or anything while under a trainer.
4.You cannot get anything extra froma trainer, so don't ask.
5.No you cannot be a trainer.

::Master Roshi(Earth)::
Requirements- 500PL
Gained-500 hp/pl/sd
Required Days- 2
Recieve-Light Weighted Cloths, Bag of Senzu Beans
Learn-Kame Hame Ha and Destructo Disck

::Crane Master(Earth)::
Requirements- 500PL
Gained-500 hp/pl/sd
Required Days- 2
Recieve-Senzu Bean "Special Blend"
Learn-Split Form and Solar Flare

Requirements- 1,000PL
Gained-1,000 hp/pl/sd
Required Days- 3
Recieve-Piccolo's Weighted Cloths
Learn-Special Beam Cannon

Requirements- 1,500PL
Gained-1,500 hp/pl/sd
Required Days- 5
Recieve-Pass to H.B.T.C, Nibus Cloud
Learn-Masenko and Zanzouken

::King Kai(King Kai's Planet)
Requirements- 2,000PL
Gained-2,000 hp/pl/sd
Required Days- 7
Recieve-Mediun Weighted Cloths, 2 Training Weights
Learn-Kaioken and Spirit Bomb

Requirements- 2,000PL
Gained-2,500 hp/pl/sd
Required Days- 8
Recieve-Dragon Radar
Learn-Regenerat 100%, Mind Read

::Yardarat Emperor(Yardarat)::
Requirements- 3,000PL
Gained-3,000 hp/pl/sd
Required Days- 11
Recieve-Space Pod, Heavy Weighted Cloths
Learn-Instanttransmiton, Fusion Dance

::Grand Kai(Grand Kai's Planet)
Requirements- 3,500PL
Gained-3,500 hp/pl/sd
Required Days- 12
Recieve-4 Training Weights
Learn-Kaioken x5

::Supreme Kai(Supreme Kai's Planet)
Requirements- 4,000PL
Gained-4,000 hp/pl/sd
Required Days- 14
Recieve-Z Sword
Learn-Instantanious Movement, Kaioken x10

::Elder Kai(Supreme Kai's Planet)::
Requirements- 4,500PL
Gained-4,500 hp/pl/sd
Required Days- 15
Recieve-Fusion Earings
Learn-Kaioken x15

::Denda(New Namek)::
Gained-5,000 hp/pl/sd
Required Days- 17
Recieve-3 Dragon Balls, 2 Passes to H.B.T.C
Learn-Heal 50%

::Kooler(Dark Star)::
Special Trainer(Owner).Need to go threw all the other trainers first.
Requirements: 50,000PL
Gained-10,000 hp/pl/sd
Required Days- 20
Recieve-2 Dark Star Dragon Balls
Learn-Ultra Spirit Bomb, Big Bang Kame Hame Ha