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These rules are your primary rules and should be followed at all times no matter what. anyone breaking these or any rules will be subjected to punishment. Rules pretaining to certain things on this site be be on that page.

1.No cheating of any kind I will not tollerate it at all.
2.No argueing with members over stupid stuff, and deffinately never argue with thew owner or co-owners.
3.No gloating for any reason whil battling, or in tournaments. This can and will most likely result in auotmatic forfiet of your title or win.
4.No complaining, I don't want to hear it and i doubt any of the others want to have to listen to it either.
5.Whatch the language. I will tolerate it to a certain extent.

These punishmesnt will be used for the breaking of any of the ruels from any group. If you don't break rules you don't have to worrie. Plus it will make my day much easier.You only get 3 strikes so I would make them last if I where you.

1st Offense-You will pay a fine of $5,000, and be suspended for 2 days.You will not be able to do anything.
2nd Offense-You will pay a fine of $10,000, and you will be suspended for 5 days.
3rd Offense-You will be kicked out of the site for good.NO COMING BACK EITHER. Pages with their own rules:
Join, Trainers, Jobs, Planets/Dragonballs, Training, Battling, Sparing, W.M.A.T.View their rules on the pages they correspond with.