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:Join Application:
Join Rules:

1.You can only pick an avaliable character, no one can make up a character.
2.There can only be one of each character, example there can only be one Vegeta, there cannot be others like Bebi Vegeta or Majin Vegeta because those will be specific names for that character when taken over by Bebi or Babadi.
3.I will not give anyone any favors for anything such as a little stronger stats to start, extra money, or a more expensive item. You want stuff like that EARN it.
4.Be shure to send your join info to me or I will not put you on the site.
5.Thanks for joining, and have a great day.
Join Application:

-2 Primary Attacks:
-Character's Race:
-One FREE Item under $3,000:
-1 or 2 Jobs(if you want):
-Your Alignment(Good, Neutral, or Evil):
-Starting Planet(Earth, Namek, or Vegeta):
-Who Recruited You?(if anyone did):
-AOL or AIM Screen Name:
-E-mail Address:

After filling this out send it to Kooler .