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Here are the rules you need to follow when seeking a job.
1.Only pick one job to start out with.
2.There will be new job serculations every week.
3.If there isn't an openeing you can't have that job just yet.
4.If you don't do you job right or good enough I will be albe to fire you.This will force you to have to find a different job.

Job Listings
Here are some jobs that you can have to make a little extra money on the side.
Recruiter:($500 per week:$1,000 per recruitment).All you need to do is recruit people for the rpg.
Referee:($1,500 per week:$2,000 when you ref a battle:$3,000 when you ref a tournament).You will be the one who watches over fights for people who want to battle.You will need to make shure that neither of them is bre3aking rules durring battling.
Planet Guardian:($5,000 per week:$10,000 when you save the planet from something or someone).Protect your planet from anything or anyone who posses a threat to it.
Openings:None right now
Inventor:($1,500 per week:$2,000 for every item you invent).Create Items, Send me the idea in e-mail including: Invention's Name; Price; What it does.
Bounty Hunter:($2,000 per week:$4,000 when you make a kill).Track down and kill whoever the hirer wants destroyed. The Hirer can give you a bonus if he/she feels that you did an good enough job.
Body Guard:($1,000 per week:$3,000 for sucesfully defending someone).Protect whoever hires you, if they are killed,you loose the job.