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This is how we will do all of our battling and Sparing. You are not to battle any other way. E-mail Kooler for any questions.

1.No Cheating
2.Battling is only a 1 on 1 fight
3.Make Sure the Ref is 'Ready' if you were able to get one.

Think of an attack you have that you would want to use.
Type out your actions in the chatroom.
     Example-::flies up high into the sky and gathers energy at side, pulls hands forward and releases it yelling, "Kame Hame HA!!!"::
Next roll in the chat by typing (//roll). It will give you two numbers. Add them together. If it is 5 or higher, your attack was successful. If it is 5 or below, you attack was not successful.

Calculating Damage
Take the two added numbers turn then into a decimal % like a 7=.7.Then take .7XAttacks AP say 250. You should come out with an answer of 175.This is 70% of 250.
This will give you how much your attack does in damage.
The winner of a battle gets 2,000 HP/PL/SD, plus their attacks AP raises by 10...The looser gets 500 HP/PL/SD, attacks AP raises by 3.When a battle is over the winner gets to decide weather to allow the person to live and just take a knock out, or if they want to finish off that person and kill them.
Sparing follows the same standards as battling, but instead no one dies. Instead of having the sam ewinnings for a spar all you get is small stats raises. Winner gets 500 HP/PL/SD, and Looser gets 250 HP/PL/SD.