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You will automatically start out with Kick-15AP and Punch-10AP.

All take 2 days to learn, and require 500 PL.
Dynamite Kick/Punch-20AP
Ki Blast-40AP
Eye Beams-50AP
Destructo Disc-100AP
Kame Hame Ha-200AP
Gallic Gun-200AP

All take 5 days to learn.
Split Form-Splits you in 2 halves with Equal Stats:Requires600PL
Kaioken- Adds 5AP for 5 turns:Requires 800PL
Beam Cannon-250AP:Requires 800PL
Solar Flare-0AP, Blinds for 2 turns:Requires 1000PL
Tri Beam-300AP:Requires 1000PL
Masenko-400AP:Requires 1000PL
Double Kame Hame Ha-450AP:Requires 1,500PL
Special Beam Cannon-450AP:Requires 1,500PL
Regenerate 50%-Heals HP 50%:Requires 2,000PL
Zanzouken-Confuses enemy for 3 turns:Requires 2,000PL
Freeza Beam-500AP:Requires 2,000PL
Burning Attack-600AP:Requires 2,500PL
Hell's Flash-600AP:Requires 2,500PL
Devil Ray-650AP:Requires 3,000PL
Mind Control-Turns enemy into your slave either Majin or Bebi. Its your choice:Requires 3,000PL
Big Bang-750AP:Requires 3,500PL
Spirit Bonb-800AP:Requires 4,000PL
Kaioken x5-Adds 10AP for 5 turns:Requires 4,000PL Energy RIngs-Hold an enemy 5 turns:Requires 4,500PL
Ghost Kamakazi-900AP:Requires 5,000PL
Death Ball-1000AP:Requires 5,500PL
Kaioken x10-Adds 15AP for 5 turns:Requires 6,000PL
Fusion Dance-Fuses two people combinding their stats x5:Requires 8,000PL
Instant Transmition-Allows you to travel to another planet only when someone else is there by locking onto their Ki energy:Requires 8,500PL

All take 10 Days to learn.
Instantanious Movement-Same as Instant Transmition, but you do not have to lock onto anyones Ki energy:8,500PL
Kaioken x15-Adds 20AP for 5 turns:Requires 8,500PL
Kaioken x20-Adds 25AP for 5 turns:Requires 9,000PL
Super Ghost Kamakazi-2,500AP::Requires 10,000PL
Self Destruct-Kills you:3,000AP::Requires 10,500PL
Final Flash-4,500AP::Requires 15,000PL
Final Kame Hame Ha-7,000AP::Requires 25,000PL
Ultra Spirit Bomb-10,000AP::Requires 25,000PL
10x Kame Hame Ha-25,000AP::Requires 50,000PL
Dragon Fist-50,000AP::Requires 100,000PL
Big Bang Kame Hame Ha-100,000AP::Requires 250,000PL
Final Attonment-1,000,000AP::Requires 500,000PL