To Brian from Brenda in
"Memory of Emma"

As for my thoughts about Emma OMG
where can I start...Whenever I
come into the room she was always and
I mean always the first to
out my nic (((daddysssssss)))
and say hello gf how r ya?? God
how I miss
seeing her type to me...Emma was
truly a one of a kind...No one
can ever
fill her shoes ..I know she is
in heaven watching over us
helping us guide thru each day
and I know she is and always will
be your
Guardian Angel..When the two of you
lost contact for a while she
seem to loose faith she always knew
u would be back with
her....You were
her true love and she loved you so much..
Could always tell that
whenever she spoke of you...

Brian I still cry whenever I think of Emma
I know I shouldnt cuz
she is
in heaven out of pain and not suffering
anymore but I guess I am
I want her to pop back in the room
again and stretch my nic out
talk to me like old times..

Please dont ever loose contact with us
I feel like when u r
around then Emma is with us also..
I know she is with us regardless but
I know she is
with you more cause u were her True Love..
..always remember
Brian I am
your friend and if there is ever anything
I can do for you
please just
ask me..

Take care and xoxoxoxoxoxoxox
Love always Brenda!!!!!! (daddysfavorite)
I only knew Emma (Des) for
about a year. I always found
her warm and unconditional in
her love and respect for people.
On this dayThanksgiving Eve
I want to remember
Emma and all our loved ones
taken to soon, May God Bless her and
all her family and friends and help
them thru each day.

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