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Jess in the Baltic Sea

Jess's Biography

April 29, 2004

Hi! I'm Jess- 23 years old and I still think shopping trolleys are an acceptable mode of transport for a Friday night.

This site is my way of relieving my seriously itchy feet while I work various crappy jobs trying to save up to get out and about again.

Born in the wintry north-east of England, I was lucky enough to have a family who like to travel just as much as me, especially to places with a lot of mountains. Apparently this is character-building, or something. I'm sure I'd have been up the Himalayas at the age of six, were it not for my amazing talent for complaining.

Places I have been to include Canada, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, America, Fiji and most of Western Europe. I'm really hoping to get to Eastern Europe this summer, so long as these guys don't fire my sorry arse for guerilla website construction on company time.

At the moment I'm in Birmingham, living with four dangerous hedonists, making videos in my spare time, and playing Roxette at full volume without any regard for basic human rights. In September I will be starting a media production course, then I can build my Vast Media Empire and you will all be my little piggies.