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Four Pillars to Successful Marriages

It is becoming more and more difficult for married couples in our society to stay together and work out their problems. Over 60% of marriages end in divorce. Why is it so hard for couples to live up to the vows they made on their wedding day? In this new book,"Four Pillars To Successful Marriages". John Chukwuemeka Agbo provides some answers- and some hope. The author explains how and why these four pillars- a common faith, sexual intimacy, financial discipline, and communication- can provide a firm fondatioin for any marriage to stand on. He is certain that upon these pillars, your marriage will withstand the threat of separation and divorce that Satan tries to inflict on our society today. This highly readable book uses personal experiences and anecdotes to examine common problems in marriages, and also provide how best they can be resolved. It is a must-have book for any couple committed to loving marriage that eill last for a lifetime. If you would like this book in your home. Order it now by clicking this link