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Finding A Monitor?

Basically, there are 2 types of monitors. They are CRT and LCD.

What do you want to do? Shopping tips We recommend
Create multimedia presentations web or 3D graphics. High resolution can be a concern. LCD
Watch digital movies or DVDs. High resolution can be a concern. LCD
General business/home/home office purposes. Resolution and size can take a backseat to your budget concerns. CRT/LCD
Play games High refresh rate and excellent focus should be at the top of your list. CRT/LCD

Choosing Operating System For Your Computer?

The operating system is responsible for running basic PC functions.

What do you want we recommend
Optimized for home and personal needs.

Microsoft Windows XP Home
Home user-Use for college, home business etc.

Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Types Of Processor

Processor is the brain of the computer.

Processor Definition

Intel Pentium 4
Intel's most powerful processor for desktop. It improves performance on applications and emerging internet demands.

Intel Pentium 4 Processor-M
Offers Similar to Intel pentium 4 and offers increase performance for emerging web activities.Also boast 400MHz Processor Support bus!

Intel Pentium iii Processor-M
Offers high bin speeds and better battery life.

Intel Celeron
Useful toolfor most common applications at a terrific value.

Hard Drives

Hard Drives are the basement, attic and possibly the garage of your desktop or notebook computer.

What do you want to do Shopping tips We recommend
Add data storage space to your home computer Small memory should do the trick 10GB-40GB Hard Drive
Store large files External firewire or USB hard drive is a great place to keep them 40GB-100GB Hard Drive
Increase storage space and improve PC performance at office Either add an external or upgrade existing hard drive 40GB-100GB Hard Drive
Backup, archive or large data transfer get a drive with plenty of available data storage 100GB+ Hard Drive


More memory increases its overall performance.

What do you want to do Shopping tips We recommend
Use standard applications RAM isn't that important

128MB to 256MB RAM
Frequently access the internet Stock up

256MB to 512MB RAM
Create graphic art, design webpages get as much memory as you can afford

512MB to 1GB RAM
Use computer as a server Increased memory will do you good

512MB to 1GB RAM


A couple of tips to remember: