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Hunting Wisconsin

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Hunting in Wisconsin

There are many animals to hunt in the great state of Wisconsin but Iím only going to talk about hunting whitetail deer. Iím am going to tell you about location, stand placement, clothing, techniques and much more. First I will talk about location. Where do you want to hunt close to home, out of state, or do you want to travel a couple of hours. The location of where you hunt is most important you will need to find land that holds a lot of deer or that pass thought the land. This will tell how much hunting pressure is on that land (Jashinsky). This in important because if you want to harvest a nice deer you will need to know this. Once you find the land that you want to hunt here comes the hard part asking permission. But before you ask first go to the local Police department and get a hunting permit that way you donít have to come back for the information. When you ask for permission you need be polite since you want to hunt his land and tell your name and where your from. Second you will need to ask if he a lows hunters on his property. If he dose then you might have a chance but he might also a low other hunters on. If he ask what type of hunting that your going to be doing tell him that it would just before deer and tell him what type of weapon that you would be using. If you want to you can tell him that you would help him out on the farm or around his house if he need anything. If your get permission ask him if he can show you the lay of the land this will help you when trying to place a stand. Also ask him how big of limbs you can take out and if you can use screw in steps. Note some landowners do what you to hurt there treeís even thou there in the middle of the woods.

The next thing that I will talk to you about is stand placement. After he shows you the lay of the land then walk around the woods and see if you can find any deer trails also known as runways. If you find a runway that is walked upon that will indicate that a lot of deer travel it. If you want to buy a trail camera then you can find out whatís walking through. If you see a lot then look for a tree thatís big enough that will a low you to put a stand up near by, but donít place a stand right about the runway (Jashinsky). If you can try and put two or three stands up in different places so you can play the wind right. Make sure that you know where these three things are food source, water source, and bedding area is. Try to place a stand between the food source and bedding area is this will help you out a lot.

Deer Rub Deer Scrape Deer Trail (Runway)

We all know that you need a license but for you first time hunters out there this is what youíll need to do. First you need to go through a hunter safety course. When you pass that you will have to go to a local hunting store like Gander Mountain, Fleet Farm, or Wal-Mart. Once you get that then get a back tag holder this will hold your tag for you. If you have the previous yearís license you can take that with you and it will go a lot faster. If you donít this is what youíre going to need you hunter safety card and a photo ID. After you get this then your on your way to start hunting.

The next thing is what type of weapon are you going to use a shotgun, rifle, or a bow? There are many didnít makes and models. It all depends on what you want to use while hunting. Iíll give you a couple of models for a rifle a 30-06 is a good gun for medium range it has a lot of take down power. A 270 is a nice gun if you have to shoot farther out but still a 30-06 can do the same a the 270. If your looking for something for a first year hunter a 243 is a great gun for them. There is not a lot of recoil and still has the power to take down an animal out 200 yards. I would recommend a bolt-action because you donít have to worry about your gun jamming up. For shotguns it all depends on what gauge (GA) you want to shoot. There are 20ga, 12ga, and 10ga. There all the same on killing an animal but the lower the gauge the more power you have. Now for bows there are re-curve, longbows and compound. The type of bow that a lot of people use is a compound bow. If you want to be successful with the bow use a compound. A compound bow you can hold for awhile with out letting down.

Now the most important clothing are you bow hunting or gun hunting. If your bow hunting then you will want to wear camouflage because you have to get close to the deer. But when you are hunting with a gun you have to ware blaze orange so that other hunters can see you from a distance. Since your hunting Wisconsin you know about the cold weather that we have so dress warm. You canít ware what you donít have but you can take off what you do need.

Times to hunt is another key thing there are three stages pre-rut, rut, and post-rut. Pre-rut is when your going to see a lot of your deer in groups the bucks will be running in there bachelor groups. This is a time when youíre going to be able to see whatís all out in your woods and how the deer are moving from one place to another. When the rut comes it is usually when the temperature is getting colder and stays at that level. If it worms up the deer are not going to move because the have there winter coat on (Jashinsky). When this does happen then deer are going respond to you grunt calls and doe-in-heat. This will last until gun season comes reason for that is because once gun season starts then most deer will become nocturnal. Next is post-rut this comes in mid to late December. The does that have not been bread will come in to heat these doe are usually the fawns from this year.