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Boys looking for Girls

WE are hot 11, and 12 year old boys and we need a hot girlfriend.

The 12 year old is a hot sexy SINGLE.His name is DEREk. He's looking for a hot 12 year old to be his internet girlfriend. No 10, 11, year olds please. Also if you live in Carlsbad be his real girlfriend. Please be patient he gets a lot of emails. To talk to him email him at or if you are an aol member instant message him and become his buddy. Also you can reach him at (760)845-2921. So what are you waiting for go talk to him

The 11 year old's name is Matt and he's one hot dude.he is looking for a girl with long straight hair brown or blond hes only looking for 11 year old he also lives in carlsbad he likes to fool around so dont be a stickler.he has had a couple of girlfriends before.his email is dont stall

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Matt and Derek