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By Joe Riding.

When talking about hypnosis most people are afraid, or at the best uncertain. This is because it is the unknown. Let me tell you now, there is nothing to hypnosis. It is so easy to do, that you will probably be successful the first time that you try it. That is if you know the right way to go about it, and you only want to induce the first stage of hypnosis, which is merely DEEP RELAXATION.


A lot of self-help and self-belief books advocate self-hypnosis as a great power for improving your mind and acquiring control of yourself. They usually explain the way to do this and usually only go to the first stage of hypnosis, and that is as far as you need to go.

When you do this you can fairly easily stop smoking, lose weight, etc. Also YOU CAN DO THE SAME FOR OTHER PEOPLE. Now let me explain. It is not magic. Occasionally you can go into deep relaxation or hypnosis, and after one session you can stop smoking, if this is what you are trying to do. BUT THAT ONLY HAPPENS OCCASIONALLY.


Generally speaking you need quite a few sessions before you actually stop smoking, or stop overeating, or whatever it is you wish to eliminate from your life. The reason is as follows.

Until your subconscious mind fully accepts whatever it is you suggest, your conscious mind will still make the choice. As I said you might influence your subconscious the very first time you try, but this is not the normal.

However once your subconscious has accepted whatever suggestion you give it, THEN THE EFFECT WILL ALWAYS TAKE PLACE.

Later in this lesson I will explain how you can make this work to your advantage, and so your clients will not be forever paying out for treatment. But for now let me explain as simply as I can how it all works.

As I said earlier, I am only dealing with the first level of hypnosis, which is deep relaxation, that is all you need to know to enable you to help people relax. stop smoking, be confident etc. Once you have mastered it and that could easily be the first day, you may want to go onto bigger things.

If you want to be another Paul McKenna you can learn all the techniques in one week. But this work does not go into Stage Hypnosis. Should you want to go into Stage Hypnosis, buy a book called "The Art of Stage Hypnosis" By Ormond McGilt. This is the greatest book out ever for learning all the techniques of Stage Hypnosis.

You should be able to get the book from "Magic Books By Post." 29 Hill Ave Bedminster, Bristol BS3 4SN Tel. 0117/9774409. They are strictly mail order, and stock over five hundred different titles.

But one of the reasons I do not go into hypnosis at length is this. Some people think it is dangerous, and as you are using methods for getting people into a deep trance, so they do all kinds of stupid things there just may be something in that.

I honestly do not think there is, but I have used the method I will explain shortly to get people into deep relaxation, and really that is all you need to know.

With deep relaxation, the client is fully aware of everything that is happening. They are not in a deep hypnotic trance, and there is no danger at all. Like I said earlier they will just be pleasantly relaxed.

What makes it successful is this. When you are fully relaxed the subconscious mind is more open to suggestions. That is the reason why people meditate, and why all the great thinkers of the past claimed to get all their ideas when it was quiet or they were dozing etc. You need a still, quiet mind to achieve anything and this is what it gives you.


I was seventeen years old when I discovered just how effective deep relaxation was to anyone. At sixteen I was the youngest professional boxer in England. My first fights were four three minute round bouts, and I used to finish totally exhausted.

I wondered why this was as the top of the bill fighters did eight rounds and never seemed to be half as tired as I was at the end. This really used to bug me. I was fit. I trained hard, I never drank or smoked and I was in bed early every night, but no matter how fit I got. I always finished up totally exhausted.

Then I discovered the secret. You see, when you are young and keen you want to please the audience, and you want to win, and as a result you are all keyed up. You are tensed up all the time you are fighting, and you drain most of your energy this way.

The older boxers had experienced many fights, it was just another job to them, and they were relaxed from start to finish. The only time they tensed up was when they threw a punch.

There are a lot of acts in show business in the same position as the young boxer. They want to please, they are unable to relax, butterflies in the stomach etc, even stagefright. But believe me YOU CAN OVERCOME ALL THIS QUITE EASILY. ONCE YOU KNOW HOW.


Then I read a book that explained relaxation. It said that if you were tense, and you wanted to throw a punch, or kick a ball or do anything your muscles FIRST HAD TO RELAX. It is all done in a split second, but if you are tensed, you have to relax before you can tense your muscles again.

Read that again, then you may realise that is really is as simple as that. Your muscles have to relax before they tense. If you are already relaxed they just go into action. That is why a trained athlete who has mastered this, is always just that split second quicker than an opponent who hasn't learned to relax and is tensed up to start with.


Therefore it follows that if you want to relax, then first YOU MUST TENSE ALL YOUR MUSCLES consciously. I have included an audiocassette with this lesson that describes exactly how to do this.

The most important thing though is HOW YOU APPROACH THIS MENTALLY. You must believe in yourself, believe that you can do it. Have plenty of self-confidence and then YOU CANNOT FAIL.

Remember once you can do it. YOU CAN HYPNOTISE PEOPLE ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. All you have to do is implant further suggestions to make them go into a deep hypnotic trance. I am not going to show you that. You only need that if you are doing Stage Hypnosis and I have told you which book to buy if you wish to go into that.

When I say you cannot fail I will clarify that a little. It will work for you ninety five percent of the time. Always you will meet the odd person who cannot concentrate, or will not follow your instructions. But these are notable exceptions and it hardly ever happens.

The audiocassette that I supply is for getting someone to stop smoking. You use the same method for just getting people to relax, or to give them confidence, stop overeating or whatever. The method is the same in every case. It is just the suggestions that you change.

I will describe how it is done however, so you can read it, understand it, and then play the cassette. The cassette should easily get you totally relaxed. Then all you have to do is do exactly the same as I have on the cassette, to get other people totally relaxed.

After you have explained how you are going to relax the client to help them stop smoking or whatever problem they wish to be rid of. Here is what you do.
Ask them to get in a comfortable position in a chair and to close their eyes. Explain that as long as they can concentrate they will be able to relax, and the thing they have to concentrate on is your voice.

Ask them to close their eyes then tense up their entire body, then just relax. Then (and this is important you stress this several times during the induction) You ask them to breathe in a little deeper than usual and then breathe out. Again they have to concentrate on their breathing and breathe in deeper than normal.

When they have done this ask them to tense their feet, concentrate on their breathing, then relax their feet, and feel the tension flowing out of their feet.

Then tense their legs still concentrating on their breathing. Then relax their legs, and feel all the tension flowing out of their legs, and out of their feet, and tell them to just relax.

You will find that by now they will have probably established a regular deep breathing pattern, and you will only need to mention it one or two times during the rest of the induction. If you feel that have not as yet established a deep breathing pattern, keep asking them to concentrate on their breathing, until they do establish a pattern.

You carry on as outlined on the cassette, until you have gone through all parts of their body TWICE. When you have done this induction procedure several times, you will probably only need to go through the relaxing of all different parts of their body once, but to start with go through the whole procedure twice.

When you have done this. you then ask them to concentrate on their eyes. Again as explained on the cassette, ask them to imagine their eyes are so tightly shut THAT THEY CANNOT OPEN THEM. Repeat this a couple of times, then say "Try to open your eyes, and you will find it is very difficult, in fact you will not be able to open your eyes.

This is the acid test. If when you say this you see them straining to open their eyes, you know they are now DEEPLY RELAXED. Now their mind is ready and open to all the suggestions that you give to them. Whether it is to stop smoking, lose weight, gain confidence, or whatever your suggestions will have a strong effect on them.

That is really all you have to do. Give the suggestion in your own words, that way is comes over naturally, and continue giving suggestions slowly for about twenty minutes. At the end of that time you say, "I am now going to count to five, When I reach five you will wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed, and feeling better than you have ever felt in your life."

You count to five and they will open their eyes and that is about it. They will not have been asleep, they will have been conscious of everything you said and they would have been aware of other sounds etc,

Also if you say to them you could not open your eyes, they will probably say, "Well I could but I just did not want to." Don’t worry they were in DEEP RELAXATION, which is the first stage of hypnosis. Anyway you do not have to believe me, all you have to do is play the cassette and you be the subject.

When you play the cassette you are going into relaxation yourself. This is the most convincing way I can show to you that it works. After you have used the cassette a few times, do the same procedure without the cassette. Once you can do that and you go deeply relaxed you are ready to use the technique on other people to help them.

When you make your suggestions to people, like I said earlier, use your own words and once you get into a routine you will use those words all the time.
You will get asked what happens if they do not open their eyes at the count of five. Or when they get used to doing this they go into deep relaxation.

You tell them that if they are doing relaxation, without a cassette, they will, after a little while, just open their eyes automatically. Or else they will just drift into a normal sleep, as people often do when they are dozing in a chair. It is pretty much the same as just dozing, but done this way it is much more relaxing.

Well I think that is all you need to know about the method, the more you use this the better you will become at getting people totally relaxed.

When you are making a cassette to get people to relax, or stop smoking etc. you do it the way I have done and finish off by counting up to five or ten to finish it. Or you can leave it open ended so you just stop talking and the cassette just goes on until the end.

As long as the person has listened to the instructions, when the instructions have finished, they just stay relaxed for a while, then open their eyes themselves, or they drift off into a normal sleep.


If you look around the shops you will see Paul McKenna and others have produced their own audio cassettes for stopping smoking etc. Buy one or two and play them, you will find they are pretty much the same as the one I have supplied you.

These cassettes sell at around ten pounds upwards and for these people it is a very lucrative form of income. However as you do not have their name or reputation you cannot expect to do the same.

Although as I said if you get sufficiently interested in this you can learn all the methods for hypnosis and develop a stage act. Who knows you could become just as famous as Paul McKenna, it really is very easy to learn hypnosis.

However I will outline the methods I use where I was earning over one hundred pounds a day using the deep relaxation technique. But first let me say this. I did this several years back when interest in stopping smoking was just beginning. Also my way was new and one of the few.

There are now dozens of cassettes on the market, and many other methods of stopping smoking, so I do not think it would work as well today. Although I only used one newspaper and only a small classified advert to get the business.

The way I did it was to put in a small advert, which read SMOKING OR YOUR MONEY BACK. The money back guarantee was the thing I think that helped considerably.

When I was explaining how the suggestion works earlier, I told you that it does not normally work the first time. THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND HAS TO ACCEPT THE SUGGESTION BEFORE THE EFFECT TAKES PLACE.

When people asked me what the treatment entailed and how they could get their money back if they failed to stop smoking, this is what I told them.

I explained about the subconscious mind, and how once it had accepted the suggestions the desired effect would take place. I pointed out that it would probably take a couple of dozen sessions of deep relaxation before it would happen, although it could happen the very first time.

I went on to say that I wanted them to play the cassette once a day for thirty days, and if they did that, they would certainly stop smoking. If however they had not stopped at the end of thirty days I would refund their money in full. I also said that even if they stopped smoking after a day or two they still had to continue for thirty days.

I gave them a written guarantee that promised if the cassette was returned within seven days after the thirty-day period I refunded their money. Human nature being what it is, by doing this it meant I very rarely had to refund their money.

I claimed a ninety two percent success rate, as I only had to refund the money eight times in one hundred people I treated.

Now I do not know what my success rate really was, but I do know this. People who tried it and after a few days stopped using the cassette, had to wait until the thirty days were up before they could claim their money back. If they claimed inside the thirty days, naturally they had not completed the treatment so they were not entitled to their money back.

Like I say, no doubt some did pack it in after a few days, but by the time the month was up they had clean forgot about it. After all when you are tired of something, or you fail to do it, you push it out of your mind, because you do not want to admit you failed.

Also unless they remembered within seven days of their month being up, they would be to late and no doubt this happened at times. Nevertheless I know it works if you do the full thirty days, and I know a lot of the hundred people I treated did stop smoking.

Again as I mentioned earlier that time was a good time for a stop smoking cure, today it may not work as well as it did. But I am sure it would still be a reasonably good money-spinner.

Everything I have talked about in this course up to now I have done, and I have made money out of all the things. Now I will tell you how I would sell the deep relaxation idea today, but I must admit I have not done this it is only an idea. If I had the time now I would most certainly have a go at it, as I think it is the right time. Here is the way I would do it.


One of the greatest ills in today's society is STRESS. I believe that stress is one of the main factors of why we no longer have the feel good factor which the government is always talking about. I think once you can use the deep relaxation technique, you can help people to overcome most of the stress in their lives.
When I first started using deep relaxation to enable people to stop smoking this is how I started. I used to do tarot parties, and I also read the palms at the same time. When I mentioned the life line I used to say "Of course it depends how you live your life, if you smoke a lot you probably won't last as long".

Almost always If the person was a smoker, they I wish I could give up smoking. I used to say, "Well actually I help people to stop smoking with deep relaxation, in fact I do a months course and If they fall to stop smoking I give a money back guarantee.

When they asked how much it was, I told them twenty pounds, and once they had done one session, they paid no more, because I provided them with a cassette.

I explained that they needed one session to begin with so that It would be easy for them to go into deep relaxation with a cassette. Once they had been taught the technique, then they would have no problem going into deep relaxation.

This worked like a charm, and often there would be three or four smokers at a party and I did them all (Remember all together at one time, less than thirty minutes). They thought it was very good value and the fact that they could get their money back at the end also convinced them.

If I were doing parties today I would, during the reading tell the client that they could not relax very easily and were they under stress. Nine times out of ten I know they will agree with this, that they cannot relax, and yes they are under stress.

Then I would mention that I specialise in getting people back to relaxed living, and I would mention the cassette, and the first session of deep relaxation done personally.

Now remember Paul McKenna's tapes and other peoples sell at ten pounds upwards, so for you to ask fifteen pounds for your cassette plus you include a personal session first, is good value. I would estimate that it you were doing a party of say ten people at least half of them would have a go

Think about it that’s seventy five pounds extra at each party you do. It sounds easy and I know it is easy in practice. I am certain that today it would go as well as the stop smoking cassette went in it's heyday, and without any money guarantee.

After all they could use the cassette anytime and when you do use the deep relaxation technique yourself, you will see how much better you feel, so you are selling something that is worthwhile.

Of course this is only one way of promoting it. There are plenty of others. You may be able to offer your services at some of these keep fit establishments that are springing up all over the place. Fitness and beating stress are high on many people's priorities list today.

You need a better quality cassette tape than the one I provide, this is only to give you the idea. But if I were doing it professionally I would get a good tape done. Again get someone you know who has a computer and you can easily get the proper labels done in small quantities and your outlay is very little.

You can even make your cassette on an ordinary recorder, the type most people have in their homes. So long as there is no background noise, and you speak clearly that is all you need.

I have a cassette player at home and it copies as well. I just record them, then copy them straight off my machine. But like I said if you are going to do this full time get a good original made and have copies run off professionally, it will be worth it in the long run.


If you are doing this for people in their homes I would advise the following. Always have someone else in the room with you who is not taking part. If you are male and you are doing the deep relaxation for any ladies, then it is a MUST that someone else is in the room with you.

If a lady makes any complaint about your behaviour you can be in a tricky position. You are putting people in a vulnerable position, and you must not only safeguard them, but also yourself.

In today’s market of alternative medicine, this deep relaxation must be one of the best. It is easy to learn and you only have to give them one session and provide a cassette, and it is a great way of improving their lifestyle.

If you wish to go into this deeper, and feel you could make a stage career doing full hypnosis, then you do need to study The Art of Stage Hypnosis by Ormond McGill.

While I said earlier that it would only take you a week or so to learn all the techniques, it still requires considerably more than just knowing how, to go out and do a successful stage show.

But there is no doubt it can be done, and I know three or four people who started like this and are now doing stage hypnosis as a full time career.

Even if you do not take up this branch of the psychic, I do urge you to use the deep relaxation method yourself. It will help you considerably, to have a more relaxing life. Also it helps you to discipline your mind, so you have more control. All this will help you become more psychic.

It has a similar effect as meditating, and you will find ideas will come easy to you, if you relax regularly. All this will help to train your mind and allow you to focus better on whatever subject you are pursuing.

This just about brings to the end of my psychic course. If you follow any of them, Hand analysis, Tarot reading, Numerology or Deep Relaxation, all of them can earn you much more money than any ordinary job, and for far, fewer hours.

Also you may just be one of the lucky ones who make it big I sincerely hope you do, but even if you don’t, you should now be able to have the kind of lifestyle you desire, that is if you use the information in an intelligent manner. I have tried to show you all the ways I know, to help you be successful, now it is up to you.

I do not wish to preach to anyone, but the thing that stops most people from doing anything is ENERTIA. They just cannot be bothered to get up and go. I firmly believe that this is the only thing that separates the successful person, from the failure.

As I said I have made money, easily, out of almost everything I have tried to teach you. Now it is up to you, it is out there if you want it, and it is easier than you think. Remember it is now up to you. YOU HAVE TO PUSH THE BUTTONS.

Thank you for purchasing this course. If you have any questions or you need any advice give me a ring, or drop me a line, I will always do my best to assist you. Again many thanks, keep busy and keep well.

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