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The cold reading of a person, which is often referred to as psychic character analysis, enables the reader to apparently know the innermost secrets of complete strangers. Apparently you know things about a person you could not possibly know, and you have never met them before.


Before I go into a character reading let me say this. I do not think it is the best way of making money from a client, by telling them things about themselves that often amazes them. I think cold reading is the gateway. That is to say a character reading leads into some other type of reading, at which the reader specialises, and this is where the money is made.

To put it crudely, the reading sets them up, for whatever is to follow. If you give a reader a very short cold reading they almost always say ”Oh are you psychic? To which you reply, yes I read the tarot or (whatever it is you specialise in) they almost always say, can you give me a reading. To which you reply, yes is there anything in particular you wish to know about.

Now as simple as that sounds. That is how it works, and it works practically every time. You must remember one very important thing, a great deal of people firmly believes in the psychic.

It is impossible to convince people that it is not true, they do believe, and you are wasting your time trying to convince them it is not genuine. All you have to say to people is that you are psychic, and they always immediately believe you.

When you do a cold reading you can do it anytime, and anyplace, all you need is people. If you have never done a cold reading, you will probably think, where, when, and how do I start? Here is how it is all accomplished.


Firstly there are really only three areas, in which people have an interest. These are sex, money and health, and really that’s it. Of course there are dozens of offshoots of these three things, but basically the three things people want to know about are connected to sex, money or health.

Again it all depends on the age group, as to which of these three subjects they are interested in. As far as health goes, unless a person has something seriously wrong with them, they are not really interested in health until they get over fifty years old,

To give you some indication of this. I have read dozens of young peoples hands, when young I mean up to thirty-five or so. Always when they ask about their lifeline, and I say well it is fairly long, if you do not go mad on smoking, drinking, or drugs, you should reach seventy at least. To which they almost always reply, oh I am quite happy if I reach sixty, you see when you are young sixty seems forever away. I would love to talk to them again when they have reached fifty or over. Just to see how different their views would be on sixty being old then.

Now for most people we only have two subjects, and they are of course sex and money. Now in this age of fast living, very few people know how to relax, and that is a good starting point of any reading, whereby you say you appear to be a
Bit uptight and you cannot relax very easily can you? Now if they do have a problem of any kind, this is almost bound to be true.

You can make this a very strong point in your reading, and remember almost everyone has some problems, they would like to discuss and hopefully get rid of, and so this is a good basis for starting a reading.


What I am going to do now is give you a standard reading, which will, almost without alteration, fit at least eighty five percent of the people you meet, also. It does not sound ambiguous. I think when you have read it, that it can apply to you, and your lifestyle, so here it is.

Before I talked to you, I must confess that you appeared to be the friendly type of person, and in fact you trust people too much sometimes. In fact someone has let you down recently, because of what you said or what you told him or her. But you as always will jump up, and get on with your life, and put it down to experience.

Like I said you are the friendly type of person, but you have been hurt more than once by people you trusted. Now you are more careful about the friends you pick. In fact you have a small circle of good friends, and you value their friendship, as I am sure they value yours.

The trouble is you cannot relax very easily, in fact you are under more stress than normal at the moment, and I feel this is due to taking other peoples problems on board.

You should step back from life a little, now and then, and see yourself from a distance. This will give you a better perspective of yourself, and help you to stop making mistakes. As you are aware, the better you know yourself, the better you can deal with life’s problems.

However you do sometimes make rash decisions, and you made one recently, were you spent some money foolishly. Still, we all make that mistake from time to time. You do seem to worry over little things in life. Also on things that never happen. You need to believe in your own ability a little more, because you have more potential than what you think.

One of your weaknesses is putting things off that you should get done. This is a weakness you should try to correct, after all remember procrastination is the thief of time. It is due to this that you find yourself rushing around, and never having enough time for yourself. This makes you anxious, and uptight, and then you cannot relax.

There is some person in your life just now that influences you. They are sensitive and imaginative, and their influence will be a good thing for you. This person has only recently come into your life, but already you are feeling that this relationship will develop. But you have some misgivings about a relationship you are already in.

I can see a trip over water for you; very soon, it may be a trip you have planned. You will have a very pleasant time, and you will meet new friends, in a place you have never visited before.

Someone will phone you next week and ask for some advice from you. I have a feeling friends often ring you and ask for your advice. You will meet an old school friend in about three weeks. It is someone you have not seen for years. They will have some good news for you, and also some bad news from the past,

I don’t know whether you are aware, but you have got some psychic ability, and I feel you should try to develop this. In fact you have had a psychic experience just recently, and you are wondering just what to make of it.

You have a minor illness coming up. It is nothing much to worry about, but it will come at a very inconvenient time. You should consider changing your diet, to avoid recurrences.

This year has not been such a profitable year for you, but, things are changing, and the coming year will be a good one, and there is some advancement either in your career, or your personal life.


Now if you are a normal person. Living a normal life, most of that will apply to you. Of course some of what is said about the future you will have no way of knowing whether or not it will happen. But as you make it rather pleasant and do not go over the top, most people will accept this and reason well why not, it will probably happen.

There is so much more, so if you have already impressed them with the personal things, you can take it further. I do not expect you to do this reading word for word, but it is a general picture of what you are aiming for. Believe me when you give a reading like this you will be amazed how readily people will believe you. It is so easy to impress people even if only one thing you have said strikes home.

Also if you say some pleasant and positive things about them, they are hardly likely to disagree. The thing is not to lay it on to thick, keep everything in perspective. Once you have their confidence and they think you are competent, they will tell you about the things they are bothered about, or what worries them, it really is that easy.

For instance supposing you are doing a reading for someone who is an obvious scrooge. If you said to them, you are dead mean, and you won’t spend a penny you don’t have to, you are unlikely to impress the person or get on their wavelengh. Remember all people want other people to think well of them, they never want the truth; they always claim they do, but they really want someone to tell them what they want to hear.

For the scrooge character you may say, you are thrifty, because you never had the good things in life when you were young. Life was a struggle for you, and you realise the value of money, but you do have a generous streak, but you do not broadcast this. You prefer to stay in the back ground when you help people, and you believe in independence, and you try to help people to be more independent. \Something along those lines should work, as they have already over the years, made all kinds of excuses to justify their meaness, so you are only telling them, what they have been telling themselves for years.

You will notice in this reading, I have hardly mentioned sex or money. This is more personal, and if they want to know anything about this, don’t worry, if you have done the reading as described, they will by now have taken you in their confidence, and will have already asked about these things.

When you have done a reading as described, they will be asking you questions about the things they really want to know, as by now as I said you will have gained their trust.

A great deal of what I am telling you is really common sense. You have to weigh up the different age groups to guess just what their preferences or motives would be. But as I stated earlier there are only three main areas of interest so it is pretty easy to get it right almost from the start. Anyway before we fully analyse the reading, let me give you one or two examples that I have done.


You only have to hit it dead right with one person, and believe me the rest of them will flock around you wanting to know more. Here are two examples that I used. Really they were just common sense, and I was almost certain to get very near the truth.

I was in a shop when someone mentioned the Tarot. The girl assistant was about nineteen or twenty, and very pretty. She said to me, “Can you read my cards? I want to know about my boyfriend”. Now thinking quickly, I realised with her looks she would have no trouble getting boy friends, so if she wants to find something out about her boyfriend, she does not trust him for some reason.

Now I thought she either suspects he is two timing her, or else he is married and keeps promising to leave his wife. I took the chance on the most sensational answer and I said, “He is married isn’t he.

Her mouth literally dropped open as I said this and she said, “How could you know that”? I just shrugged my shoulders but I could have told her anything after that, and she would have believed me. Not only that she praised my powers far and wide I can tell you.

Now think about it, a good looking girl, if she suspects her boyfriend is not on the level or stringing her along, he either is two timing her, or he has a wife. There is not much else left; you have a ninety percent chance of hitting it dead right. That is all I did. Take a chance on an educated guess; it will pay off more often than you would think.

Don’t forget if I had been wrong, I could have said well he has been married, or it has something to do with marriage is it not. Even if you are unlucky and you have not hit the right area, this will always intrigue a woman. and she will press you to find out, is he really truthful or has he a past he wishes to hide. This is the stuff gossip is made of and men as well as women are usually intrigued by this.

The other example was almost identical. I was doing a show at The Holiday Inn in Manchester. Someone mentioned that I did the tarot. Again a good looking confident young lady walked past and just said “Can you tell me anything about my boy friend”? I just said he’s married isn’t he?” Again she stopped dead in her tracks, and said, “But I have never seen you before, how did you know?”

Now maybe I was lucky both times but it is a good bet, and you will hit it dead right or nearly right most times. I think it is partly down to experience of life, part body language and part intuition. But like I said, it’s always worth a chance and it can really make you seem to be a real psychic.


A great deal has been written about reading people, and some things do work. I will concentrate on the things I know do work. The most important by far, is watching people’s eyes. It is said the eyes are the mirror of the soul.

No matter how adept a person is at lying, their eyes do not lie, and once you know this, the signs are easy to read. I attach so much importance to the eyes, that I will relate a joke, and a few true stories that I hope will convince you.

A professor had a class all male students; except for one female student/ He addressed his question to the one female as he said “Tell me which muscle of the human body expands to eight times its size when the subject is aroused or excited/”

The female student blushed and said, “I feel very embarrassed that you should ask me a question like that, in front of all these men”. The professor said, “That tells me two things, Number one you were not paying attention to the lesson. The muscle that expands up to eight times it’s size when aroused or excited, is in fact the pupil of the eye.

The second thing this conversation tells me, is that you are going to get a lot of disappointments in life.”

When you are doing a reading for someone watch his or her eyes. If they sparkle and the pupil of the eye gets larger, you are on the right track; they are excited or at least interested in what you are telling them.

But when you are on the wrong track, their eyes glaze over slightly. This means they have lost interest. This sign is not noticeable unless you are looking for it. But it is deadly accurate, and once you know it. You have an absolutely wonderful clue to what people are thinking, that you can use for the rest of your life. Before I go into detail about this, I will tell you how you can get this re action from anyone at anytime.

The next time you meet someone in the street who you have not seen for a long while try this. Now generally when they see you their eyes light up, if they like you, and they say, “Hi it’s good to see you again, how are you keeping?” Now you just start to tell them a tale of woe. Now if you do not like to do this, do it anyway you can always laugh after a little while and say, “No I am only joking things are fine how about you”?

What you are doing here is watching their eyes, and if you keep on with a tale of woe, you will suddenly see their eyes glaze over. That is when they have turned off, they have stopped listening to you, and in other words they don’t want to hear any more miserable news.

You will soon learn to do this, and it is a great weapon for you when you are doing readings. You can tell if the person is interested or not, simply by watching their eyes.

It is really easy to do, and I would liken it to having a pencil mark on the back of a card so you can immediately tell where it is in the deck when you fan the deck. If you do not know about the pencil mark you will never notice it, but once you do it literally sticks out like a sore thumb. And so it is the same by watching the eyes of the person you are talking to or doing when doing a reading.

Now when a person is interested or excited by what you are saying the pupils of the eyes grow so large they almost fill the eye, and once you have this re action, keep going on in the same vein, because you are on the right track and you are impressing them. This is a very valuable weapon when you are doing cold readings.

I recently read an article about the Chinese merchants on the old silk road. Apparently most of them took to wearing dark glasses. They found out that if they were offered a deal and they liked it, that their eyes gave them away and they could never bargain the dealer down, the dealer had spotted by their eyes they liked the deal. You cannot hide the enlarging of the pupils, so they realised this and took to wearing dark glasses so it was not possible to read what they thought from their eyes.


There are of course other body language signs to look out for, and here are a few of them, but none of these are as good at watching the eyes. If a person sits or stands with their arms folded it usually means they are on the defensive, or sometimes they are waiting for you to tell them something they are waiting to hear. Generally speaking however, you usually have not got through to those people until they relax more and unfold their arms.

If when you are both sitting and they are leaning towards you, yes, you have got their interest, and they want to hear what you have got to say. Again if they blink a lot when you are talking to them, you have usually got their interest, and they believe what you are saying.

If a person starts scratching his head, they either cannot understand what you mean, or they have lost interest in what you are saying. Likewise if they scratch their nose you had better change your approach.

If a person touches or strokes their chin, they are in a receptive mood, or they are trying to decide to believe you, but they are receptive to what you are saying.

If you are doing a reading for a lady and you can hold her hand preferably with both your hands this makes them receptive. But don’t make it a sexual gesture, that would not be appreciated at this time, it has to be a friendly way, and then they are very receptive to what you say.


To be successful as a cold reader, you have to be observant, and you should try to develop this to a high degree. If you do you will find it will really pay off for you, and you will be credited with greater powers than what you actually possess.

When you are doing a reading for anyone, for goodness sake put your client at ease. You may not believe this but often they are scared, this is the unknown to them. I have had people who are literally shaking with fear. These are the really impressionable ones, and you must be careful how you handle them. Put the person at ease at all costs and make sure you re assure them at every stage of the proceedings.

I should not need to mention that you should never forecast death or disaster. Always keep your reading upbeat and positive. After all you should remember you are an entertainer, not a prophet of doom.

But never let the client ever feel that you do not know what you are talking about. You have their confidence; never let them doubt for a second that you do have psychic powers. After all we all have them to some degree, and if you use them you will improve beyond any doubt as a reader.

They say that practise makes perfect, and it is up to you to practise as much as you possibly can. When you are on a train or a bus try to guess what people you see do for a living. Their social class .The way they dress, and how they re act to things. Look at their faces, watch their expressions, do they appear sad, happy, miserable or what. This entire practise will reap big rewards for you when you come to do readings.

Also watch the politicians on the television, now they lie at least half of the time, watch their faces and you will soon discover when they are lying or not. For instance they often say one thing and mean another. Most of them when they are actually lying, their eyes close for a fraction of a second longer than normal. Once you look for this it is easy to spot. You see the subconscious mind protects you when you lie, and that closing of the eyes a fraction of a second longer it’s the subconscious minds way trying to blot out the lie.

One very famous politician and I are not naming him. But it is so obvious when he lies. His eyebrows shoot up as though even he himself is astonished at such a lie. This people watching can be great fun, but it is very revealing and you can soon learn a lot about body language this way.


If you have stayed with me so far, you may be wondering just a little, just how genuine all this is. You probably do not consider yourself a psychic, I know there are a lot of charlatans in this game, but there are in every game, it is up to you to use your memory, observation, and educated guesses, and leave it to your clients to decide.

If you are asked if you are psychic say I believe I am, let me see if I can tell you anything. Most times you do not have to prove anything, as like I said near the beginning, just say you are psychic and people for some reason automatically believe you, well they do at least ninety percent of the time.

There are a lot of people around who call themselves mediums, who genuinely believe they have this gift of seeing into the future. Just the same as religious people who are convinced they correct and there is life after death, or whatever it is they believe in.

I have met a lot of these people, and most are really nice people who do believe. Now what I believe is that you can use your gifts to help other people. In my type of palm reading or tarot card reading, it is constructed to enable people to help themselves.

If someone says to me, am I going to be lucky, or whatever, I always say it depends on what you want out of life, and how you go about it. I can help you to motivate yourself, but whatever it is out of life that you want, it is down to you. You actually have to do something to make things happen.

To put it simply my way of giving readings is a short course on positive thinking or positive belief. The whole object is to inspire people to believe in themselves, and to do it to help themselves.

Most people have more ability than what they think, my job is to help make them realise this and give them the confidence they need. Most people are so used to being knocked back by other people, that they lose confidence, and even respect for themselves. I try to give them that back.

I have to appear psychic or at least out of the ordinary, and then they are more likely to believe me, and hopefully get some inspiration from me. That is what my psychic consultancy is all about, it’s about helping people to help themselves, and to use to the full their abilities and talents.

If I have to be a little devious to do this, then be it so the end justifies the means. If I can help people to cope better with life, then I think it is worth it.

I will promise you one thing if you do follow my path, you will be far more popular and in demand, than any of the charlatans. I recently did a reading for a young man, who had lost most of his confidence. When I had finished he said “ I felt awful when I came to see you, but now I am walking on air”.

All I had done was to lift his spirits, convince him he had far more ability than what he thought, and inspired him to go out and have another crack at life. That is my way and it works, you are actually helping people to help themselves. What this lesson is all about is to explain how my system helps people, how you can do the same, and make a living from it at the same time.

This lesson is not a long one, but it is an important one. If you only want financial gain without any thought of the people who come to see you, then I suggest you think through what you really want out of life, or do not bother to carry on with this course. Because although I will show you everything you need to know, to make a good living, I don’t think my way is any good for anyone who is not interested in helping other people as well as themselves.

Well know you know how I feel, and I hope you do try to help other people we can go on to the advanced cold reading.


Once you have mastered cold reading updated, you are ready to go on to the advanced method.

There are only a few top salesmen and psychics in the world at the moment, that is familiar with these methods, and yet they are quite simple to learn. Here are the two techniques, the first one is known as


To give you some idea of how this works, let me explain something. Whenever a few people get together and they are discussing something, what happens is this. All the ones in the discussion group who are on the same wavelength subconsciously adopt the same posture.

You may be unaware of this, but it is very easy to put to the test. Suppose you are in a pub, or a café and a few people get together to talk.
Assume the one who is doing the talking has his arms folded. As they talk within no more than three or four minutes, all the ones in the group who agree with the talker will subconsciously have folded their arms

Or again assume they are stood talking at the bar, and the one who is doing the talking has his foot on the rail around the bar. Watch and within a few minutes, all the ones who are interested in what he is saying will have their foot on the bar.

I have watched this happen many, many times and it is quite fascinating, just try it out for yourself, at first you will not believe how it always happens. Once you are aware of this, it is quite easy to get anyone you want on to your wavelength,


To use the technique known as mirroring, you do the following. Whoever you are trying to read, or trying to impress watch them carefully. When they make some little gesture, for example, they may have a habit of tugging their ear, or they may stroke their chin etc. All you have to do is do exactly the same.

You do not make this obvious of course, and don’t do it as soon as they
Have done it. Just wait a little and then do the mirroring. To digress for a moment, why do you think parents try to get babies to copy them, clap hands when they do etc. Then watch them go into raptures when the baby does copy them. It is normal behaviour, although we may not think it is, we just think we are teaching babies, but mirroring is essential if you really want to get on another persons wave length.

It works on the subconscious mind; the conscious mind will be completely unaware of what you are doing. When you have mirrored a persons re actions two or three times, that person will almost automatically get on your wavelength. But they will be unaware why they feel so comfortable with you.

You are getting below the threshold of the persons conscious mind, and once you do this, the subject will find it very easy to relate to you. In actual fact your behaviour allows the subject to see a mirror image of them self, and this has a strong effect on the persons subconscious. But please do not over act; you must be subtle about this.

The old way of doing cold reading was to encourage the subject to talk about events that troubled them. Then you repeated them later, as though you had not been told them. If they did remember that they had told you, you would pretend that you were just confirming, this in itself being a type of mirroring, and often the subject would accept this, as again you had got on their wave length.

The proper mirroring as explained is much stronger, and the subject feels that you really understand their inner world. With this method you have instant rapport, you will amaze the subject, as they feel that somehow you really know them, and they will have no idea why, as you have by passed their conscious mind.

You must be flexible with this approach, but there are many different ways of doing it. One way is to adopt the same breathing pattern and the same speech patterns as your subject. Also use the same type of words as your subject. If they say “Oh I see what you mean” don’t say I am glad you understand me, instead say, “I am glad you see what I mean.

If they speak slowly, you speak slowly, if they speak quickly, you speak quickly. You will be amazed how strong this technique really is. I could go on and on about this, but I am sure you have got the picture. (Now if you were answering me on what I have just said, you should say, yes I see what you mean, you would not say yes I understand that. I hope you can see that, if you did not understand it, go back and read it all again.

You know the beauty of this technique is you can try it out anytime you want. Anytime you strike up a conversation with someone, try it out for a minute or two, and just see how well it works,

Another way of testing this is as follows. You notice a group of people, and let’s assume only one of them has their arms folded. Watch them and I bet their arms are held stiffly and this is because they are the only one who is objecting to what the others agree upon.

Their arms will remain folded until or if they are amenable to the other people’s suggestions. Once they are and they relax, they will adopt the same stance as the others.


Whenever one person is giving information to another person, the receiver of the information has to process it, in order to understand it.

It may only take a second or two, but nevertheless they cannot fully understand what you mean, until they have processed the information. Now let me tell you something, which you are probably unaware of. We do not all process information the same way.

In fact there are three different ways of processing information. We all use all three systems, but all of us use one system of the three, far more than we do the other two systems.

Now if your subject uses a different processing system than you do, it is difficult for them to understand what you mean. This is why sometimes you speak to someone and afterwards, you cannot seem to understand just what they have been talking about.

Other people explain things to you and it is as clear as a bell, while others may take some pains to explain what they mean, but at the end of the conversation, you still do not fully understand just what they have been talking about.

If you do not fully understand them, it is usually because they use a different internal system than you to communicate. As I said earlier there are three systems and these are as follows.


This system is when we see pictures in our mind to process the information we receive.


We talk to ourselves and hear voices within.


We feel and have emotions to process information.

As I said earlier we all use all three of these systems, but each one of us uses one system far more than the other two.

People often unwittingly give you a clue as to which processing system they are using. For instance if you are discussing a deal of some kind, if they say well that kinda feels right, or I have a feeling that might be right, they are using the kinaesthetic system.

If they say something like I don’t like the sound of that, or yes that sounds about right to me they are auditory people. They are hearing inside their head about the deal.

Now if they say now that looks good to me, or that is a bright idea, these people are using the visual system.

All this may seem a bit strange to you at first, but remember people do not realise consciously that they are processing information this way, it is the subconscious, but the words will come out relating to whichever processing system they are using.

Once you grasp this you will immediately realise why some strangers you meet are instantly on your wave length. And vice versa why you just do not seem to communicate with some people.

If you are trying to communicate with someone and it is not going very well, it is because they are using a different processing system than you.

However it is very easy to discover which system they use, so then you switch to that system or use words that fit that system. But first let me give you an example of how people use the different systems.

Assume you are a salesman and you are selling a car. The visual that comes to buy the car will want the car to LOOK RIGHT. To have the right colour, the right shape etc.

The one who uses the Auditory system will not only want to make sure the engine SOUNDS RIGHT, but that the radio is tuned in correctly, the windows don’t squeak when they are opened etc.

The kinesthetic will want to drive the car to makes sure IT FEELS RIGHT. Also to make sure the seats are comfortable, that there is enough legroom etc. I know they will all be interested in all the features mentioned, but depending on which type they are, certain things will seem more important than others.

When you are reading a subject you must pick up on the subconscious verbal if you are to be accurate. The way to do it is quite simple and is as follows.


Do you remember in the first cold reading lesson I told you how important it is to watch a persons eyes. By now you should be doing that automatically, and you can easily tell if I person is lying or not, or if they are interested or excited by what you say. If you have not learned this first lesson yet, then I am afraid you are wasting your time, and cold reading is not really for you.

I mention this because again it is all down to the eyes. You have to watch a persons eyes to know which processing system they are using. As soon as you know which one they are using, use the same one yourself.

If a person uses the visual system and you ask them a question in such a way that they have to process the information they will look upwards as they start to process. Also all the time you are asking questions they will look upwards before answering. For this person you will paint pictures as you talk your questions would be on the how does it look to you level.

If you are talking to a person and their eyes keep looking down to the right, they are kinesthetic people, and your talk would have to be on the emotional level. Like how does it feel to you etc?

The auditory persons eyes will keep going down to the left as they process, so you will have to talk about sounds etc. Your question would be how does this sound to you etc.

That really is all there is to it, but what a difference it can make to your cold reading technique. One other thing I should mention. When you have asked a question, and the subjects eyes go in the direction you expected. Stop talking.

That is the time they are processing the information. Give them time to do this. Just give them a few seconds; it will make all the difference to your presentation.

Physical signals.

Apart from the eyes, very often the subject will give out physical signals that tells you which system they are using. For instance a kinesthetic person will often rub their chin, or rub their leg, or caress their arms, these are all tell tale signs.

The auditory person sometimes has a habit of holding on to their ear, or keep touching their lips, subconsciously they are talking internally, and listening to voices inside their heads.

The visual person will often rub their eyes, or when they are processing they will take off their spectacles, and clean them proving they are a seeing person.

Well that is about all there is to cold reading. You really have very little to learn, but you must be observant. Your cold reading skills will rapidly improve if you use these methods. As I said before, they are little known methods, but are very effective, so now you have some exclusive material. That you will not find easily elsewhere.

Use it properly and people will be convinced you have super natural powers. Use these new found skills wisely, and try to benefit others with your new found skills. Until next time keep busy and stay well

Contact Joe: joe.riding@btinternet.com