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This Magic Course is a collection of very practical lessons and tips for today's magician. It is the new style of card magic that can be accomplished under almost any conditions.

Joe has put together this course from his long experience of performing professionally and points out the real differences that must be observed when performing in front of a real live audience and in many varied and unpredictable circumstances.

Joe has developed this new style of card magic that works well all the time, anytime, anywhere and under all kinds of conditions.

What makes this card magic different is:

There are hardly any sleights and the few sleights that are used are very easy to learn and fully illustrated with photographs.
It is very entertaining to any audience, as something is happening all the time - non-stop.
It's Joe's 'Tried & Tested' professional style of Magic.
Joe says, - " To make close-up magic work really well you must learn to do it on the 'offbeat'", and it is this that he teaches in the very first lesson.

The course is made up of Three Lessons, which were sold separately in hard copy at £20 per lesson, - that is £60 or $85 USD for the complete course.

Get Your Newstyle Card Magic Course TODAY -

ONLY £20.00