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A Unique Magical routine with cards, that will leave your audience amused and astounded - and Your Reputation as a Magician soaring ever Higher.

Imagine showing the audience Four Cards - Three are the Same and One is an "Odd- One-Out". - You ask someone to touch any one of the Four Cards and no matter which one they touch - IT WILL ALWAYS BE THE "ODD ONE OUT"!

You now take One of the Identical Cards away, leaving only Three (Two the Same and One "Odd One Out"), making it easier to pick out the Odd One.

However, try as they may, the audience can't find the "Odd One Out". - You then show them that they could never find the Odd One, because it has actually disappeared and you now are holding all Three Cards 'The Same'.

In fact, you absolutely astound them, when you show them that the One card you removed earlier is actually the Odd One and that it has mysteriously and Invisibly Switched places!

Finally, after all three cards completely change to the "ODD ONE" - the audience are literally - "Left Holding The Baby".

The main thing about this routine is that you do in fact use a 'switch', but it's so easy.

This is a pocket switch I learned many years ago, and of all the switches I have seen, none come close to this simple pocket switch for being really deceptive.

You are about to find out and have at your fingertips a wonderful routine of very practical, amusing and extremely versatile Magic.

This is really Three Separate Routines, but you can put all three together to form a super entertaining and mystifying sequence that will leave your audience absolutely astounded.

It's really a routine of three Magical effects using playing cards and a Switch!

FOR ONLY £10.00

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