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This is the course all the top pros have bought. Mark Lewis, Gordon Astley, Black Hart, Ron Randolph, Terry Ashmore, Jimmy Gonzales, Mark Farrar, Robert Rees, Robert Parmacek, Mike Dix, Piet Forton, Olivier Peters,Richard Ballinger. Bob Gillard,Paul Starr, the list goes on and on.

You too can learn "The Tarot In Seven Days" or the real Art of Hand Analysis. This is not palm reading, it is a dead accurate character analysis from the hand.

If you want to help to overcome stress, especially in the high powered jobs of today, or for up and coming athletes, to have the edge of theri competitors, to help tension, stop smoking, dieting. - my lesson on Deep Relaxation will, I guarantee, help if not be a complete godsend.

Let me tell you something. I was once in a noisy pub in Blackpool and in the company was a police officer and his wife. He did not believe I could hypnotise anyone. I tried it on his wife and in just two minutes she fell over a stool and she was asleep. The next time I met them she said, "Last time I met you, you put me to sleep". "Well I said I didn't think I was that boring".

But joking apart, you can do it, and remember, I am talking about real loud background noise, I now no longer advise hypnosis to the public due to unfortunate stories read in newspapers about some those who have practised. And so I have re-written this course with Self Deep Relaxation in mind, in order to help yourself or pass on the method of Deep Relaxation to others and I can guarantee it is a fantastic method.

I show you how to Cold Read anyone with a simple method that will enable you to know exactly every time if a person is interested in what you are saying or if you are on the wrong track.

Many years ago I corresponded with a well know mentalist from America. His name was Orville Meyer and in one letter he wrote to me, and this is what he said. "Joe, if I had my time to do over again I would just do palm reading. You can go in a room with the six best close up magicians in the world and if you do palm reading in five minutes you will have a line of people around you and the close up magicians will be talking to themselves.

At that time I did not believe him, but I sure do now. Anything to do with the psychic, be it Hand Analysis, Tarot, Numerology etc. is ten times more acceptable to people than magic, that I promise you. Do you want to know why?

Because you are not the centre of attraction showing everyone how good you are. You are talking about the person themselves, and to them, the self is the most important person in the world, that's why. You will always get their undivided attention if you are giving them any kind of a reading, and talking about them and not you. Try it and see, if you want to make a name and make money, this is a great way of doing it.

My full psychic course complete with CDROM VIDEO PICTURES is just £75 OR $125. Or again one lesson a month for £15 or $25. The lessons are "Advanced Cold Reading"; "Learn The Tarot In Just Seven Days";. "The Art of Hand Analysis"; "Numerology" and the final one is "Deep Relaxation . - If you don't want to buy the whole course you can buy one lesson at a time, but the CD Rom at present is only available if the full course is purchased but from September 2003 immediate downloads and cd`s will be coming available.

PS. If you get into a busy venue you can easily earn enough in one evening to pay for the full course, even if you are not paid a fee and you charge people for private readings. There cannot be many courses around in the world where you can earn the full cost of the course in one single evening. You can do it easily with my Psychic Course.

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