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by Joe Riding - Member of the Inner Magic Circle Gold Star

This is a routine that kills the layman and yet is dead easy to do. - Imagine - You hand out four envelopes numbered 1 to 4 for someone to safeguard.

You are constantly cutting the cards and you go to great lengths to show the audience that all the cards are different and it is a normal deck (which it is).

Four different people each give you a freely chosen number and one at a time you fairly count down to that number in the deck and the card at that number is shown.

The first person who calls out a number would be designated as number one, the second person number two and so on. When the four people have called out the freely chosen numbers and the cards are remembered, the person in charge of the four envelopes opens them one at a time.

In each and every case the card in the envelope is identical to the card that was chosen by that person.

In other words the card in the first envelope matches the card chosen by the first spectator;- the card in the second envelope matches the card chosen by the second spectator and so on.

The performer never handles the envelopes from beginning to end and at the after the finale can throw the deck into the audience to be examined as it is just a normal deck.

This is so easy to do but the presentation, which is fully explained is the real secret behind this mind blowing effect.

NOTE: There are very few stand up card effects that will play to any size audience this is certainly one of them - This is another little masterpiece from the amazing Magical Mind of Joe Riding

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