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Joe Riding's original version of this effect was marketed by Ken Brooke many years ago and has always proved a real winner in close-up conditions.

You can now perform this amazing effect to a full cabaret-type audience, producing a great reaction, using Jumbo cards and Joe's secret weapon -

"The J R Count".

Joe has now devised a new count, which I feel is superior to any other count
with Jumbo cards. The Emsley count is mainly used for this effect in close-up conditions. But for a larger audience it is just not visual enough and unless the audience is directly in front of you, they cannot see the faces of the cards.

This is simply an unbeliveable version of "Find The Lady", where it's always impossible for the audience to 'Find the Lady' or Queen amongst three balnk cards.

Even when one of the blank cards changes to a second Queen, the audience still can't find the Lady. The really astonishing effect for the audience is when yet another blank card magically turns into a Queen or Lady and still they can't pick out one 'Lady' from three.

The climax really blows their minds, as you show all four cards to be 'Ladies' or Queens.

It's all in the easy-to do J R Count - anyone can do it!

You can download the full instructions, secret and patter and be performing this amazing effect in minutes.

Boost your reputation as a great magician and order you copy now!


Buy now for only £10.00