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"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, you know what these are? they are not as
some people think big cards, it's just that I have small hands, part of a
small holding unfortunately. No really this is know as the three card trick
yes it is a three card trick because you use four cards, have you got that
just nod twice thank you.

It is like Find The Lady you have heard of that no doubt if you have just
nod twice. Now the hardest part to find the lady is to find the lady of
course, and, although you have to find the lady, the lady is not really
lost, at least I don't think she is. But sometimes you will be lost, at
least I think you will be, have you got that just nod twice if you have got
it thank you. Perhaps you can explain it to me later.

Now although I have four cards I only use three just to confuse you of
course, and all these three cards, are not only blank, there is nothing on
them either and they are empty as well. There is not much more to say when
describing blank cards, kinda gives you an empty feeling.

I only use three cards, but as this is educational I use four cards, not
only to make sure you can count, but because sometimes I cheat and I switch
cards in an attempt to fool you. Have you got that just nod twice thank

The card over here is a queen but for the routine I call it a lady and as I
said earlier this is how to find the lady or is it well time will tell even
if the lady does'nt.

I do three moves like this and now you have to find the lady where do you
think the lady is.

Well you got it wrong that time I will give you another chance. No I told
you before I sometimes switch the cards the lady is over here. Now pay
attention and watch closely. You keep getting it wrong and you know why.
Because I switched the cards again and you weren;t even close were you,
wrong you were right every time. You see I switched the cards so now they
are all ladies see one two three ladies, you fell for the oldest trick in
the book.

Whichever one you pointed to I showed you one of the other ladies and you
thought you was wrong. Here you are look one two three ladies, you could
not lose and yet you did you never won.

The only way to make sure you win is if I switch the last card for a lady
secretly of course so that know I have one two three four ladies. You see
they are all ladies now you cannot lose can you. Well don't bet on it I
promise you even with four ladies I still bet you will lose. Next time I
will show you just how's it done, they always say the hand is quicker than
the eye, that's why you see such a lot of black eyes around, have you got
that, just nod twice thank you and until next time take care and don't go
betting on finding the lady."


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