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Bring out the four cards as you say the only three card trick in the world
using four cards. The cards are held face down and are the two queens
followed by the two blank cards. You remove the top queen and place this
face down behind your lapel or place it on the table.

Now raise the cards so all the audience can see the faces of the cards, a
blank card is facing the audience. Use THE JR count now to show them as
three blank cards. Then turn the card down to an horizontal position. Take
the queen that you placed to one side and place it on the bottom of the

Next remove the top card without letting the audience see the face, it is
apparently a blank but in reality it is a queen and again place this to one

You now say all you have to do is find the lady. Fan out the three cards and
put the lady in the centre of the three cards. Now leave the cards facing
the audience after you have closed the fanned cards. Again the audience can
see a blank faced card, and slowly move the back card and place it at the
front of the packet, then show the queen place this at the front of the
packet. Now as you apparently take the next card what you do is this.

You are holding the cards at the edges in a similar position as you would
hold the cards for an Emsley count. Now instead of taking the top card, the
left thumb pushes two cards as one slightly to the right and these two cards
are taken as one card and placed on the bottom as one card at the count of

This is a very easy move, and it appears that the queen is back in the
middle when in reality it is the top card. You now ask the audience where
the lady is, they should say in the middle, you pull out the middle card and
show the queen is not there, and arrange the cards in a fan again and place
the queen back in the middle and repeat these moves over again.

You repeat this procedure until someone says it is the top card. This
usually happens on the third time you do this count, although sometimes it
happens on the second time you do the count.

However it makes no difference when someone says it's on the top, which they
will, you just say "You never saw me do the switch then" as you say this
you perform THE JR count to show the three Jumbos are all blank. The last
card you count is placed at the face of the packet so the queen (Unknown to
the audience) would be the back card, or if you held the cards horizontally,
it would be the top card.

At this stage you show the queen is the card you placed to one side. Place
this face down on top of the horizontal three card packet, show the bottom
card is a blank card, remove this and place to one side, as you say "I will
make it a little more difficult this time."

At this point you have a face down packet of three cards. The top two cards
are the queens and the bottom card is a blank. The audience should think
you have two blanks and one queen.

Now openly take the top card a queen, show it and place it face down between
the other two face down cards. Close up the fan, or leave the cards fanned
out it is up to you and ask the audience to watch closely. This time as you
say you are apparently making it a little more difficult for the audience to
guess where the queen is the cards are held with the backs facing the

This time because you have two queens you move the cards as slowly as you
wish, but this time the audience only sees the backs of the cards. Even show
the face of the one of the queens if you wish as you do the three moves.
Now whichever card they say is the queen you merely show them the other
queen as you say "No you have to watch closely the queen is over here."

You can do this as often as you wish, as you have two queens you always show
the queen they did not choose so it appears they have guessed wrong every
time. Finally you say "You never saw me switch the cards did you, actually
you guessed correctly every time, but you never knew because like I said,
they only show you one card every time and you could not get it wrong. But
you thought you were wrong because I switched the cards, and actually they
are all ladies."

At this point you do THE JR count to show the three cards are apparently all
queens. As you do the count this time make sure you put the last queen in
front of other two cards. This ensures that when you hold the cards
horizontally you can place the blank card that you placed to one side on top
of the packet, so reading from the top down the cards are two blank cards
followed by the two queens.

Now again using my count and doing it slowly you can show all four cards are
queens as I mentioned when explaining my count. Please do not be tempted to
go one further and show the four cards are now all blank.

As I mentioned near the beginning occasionally when doing the count with
four cards, you sometimes do not keep all the cards perfectly aligned.
Should you slip up when counting the cards as four blanks, and you let one
card slip slightly, the audience will see the index of a queen. Even if they
only get a glimpse of the index, because the other cards are blank it will
stand out like a sore thumb and you will have ruined the illusion.

Because I have used blank cards with the queens should you let the cards
slip when showing as four queens, it is difficult to be noticed as the blank
cards of course have no indices, so unless you do this count really badly it
will go unnoticed as you will see for yourself when you try this out.

That is all you need for the moves, although of course you can do many
variations of these moves should you so wish. That is of course up to you,
but once you have learned the basic moves you can alter the routine to suit
yourself. Now for the patter.


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