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Routine & Instructions By Joe Riding. TV Rights Copyright.

The title is longer than the effect! Actually this is a 'Find The Lady' type
of routine using Jumbo cards. The set of cards supplied to you may not be
two Queens, they may be other cards but I will always refer to the 'non blank'
cards as Queens or ladies throughout this routine.

Since my original version of this effect marketed by Ken Brooke many years
ago, I have devised a new count, which I feel is superior to any other count
with Jumbo cards. The Emsley count is mainly used for this effect. But for
a larger audience it is just not visual enough and unless the audience is
directly in front of you they cannot see the faces of the cards.

The only way you can count Jumbo cards so all the audience can plainly see
the cards is to hold the cards up in front of your face so the cards are
plainly visible to the audience. This is what my count does and it is a very
deceptive and really easy count to do, you will probably do it correctly the
first time you try. - Here is a description of my count............


Assume you are holding three Jumbo cards lets say two are blank and one is
a Queen, and you wish to show all the three cards as blank.

Hold the cards face down reading from the top - 'one queen' followed by the 'two
blank cards'. Hold the cards in the left hand and raise the cards up in front
of your face so the audience is looking at a blank faced card.

Your right hand comes over and takes the front card away leaving again a
blank card facing the audience. Next the right hand comes over to the left
hand cards again and the right hand card completely covers the face of the
blank card that is showing in the left hand.

As this happens your right thumb will automatically contact the back card
of the two cards in the left hand . Your right hand comes away taking the
back card (In this case a Queen)
away behind the blank card already in the
right hand, at the count of two.

The deception is absolute here and actually you have stolen the Queen away
and the audience can see a 'blank card' in the right hand and a blank card in
the left hand, the illusion is perfect.

Finally, the last blank card is placed either at the front or behind the two right hand cards depending on where you want it to be to complete the count.

So that you can see it more clearly, - for the illustration below - I am using two Queens and One Blank card. - This would look like Three Queens using the 'JR Count'

That is all there is to it, but it really does appear as though you have
shown and counted three blank cards. Try it and see for yourself, you will
not believe how easy it is.

If you wish to do the count with four cards say two blank and two queens,
and you wish to show the four cards as four blank cards, or show them as
four queens you count them exactly the same way except you take the front
card as before, the back card as before, and again the back card and finally
the front card.

The only problem when counting them as four alike you have to be a little
more careful with the count as otherwise you can flash the index of one of
the counted cards. But do the count slowly and deliberately and you should
have no trouble. Also if you do the count slowly the illusion is actually


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