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Here is some great card magic that you can learn easily inside seven days but it will make you look like a great card magician. If you want to be not only a good performer but also a great entertainer, then your magic must have the following ingredients..........

It must be easy to do, but must give the appearance of great skill.

You must use only a few sleights, as the more natural your magic looks, the better it will be perceived.

Use simple sleights, as the essence of your magic must be to entertain.
That is why it must be so easy to do that it becomes second nature almost at once. Then you can concentrate on what really is the most important thing and that is presentation.

You also need to be able to patter, so that the story around the effect is as interesting as possible. That is another reason why the effects must be easy to do, to allow you to concentrate on presentation, which is the most important part of any card effect.

All the card effects in this course are designed to do just that, and anyone of average intelligence can learn them and present them well, within seven days of starting

Think about it ! - You're within a week of performing some great Magic. - - * ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY! *

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