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This is a super little item that is easy to perform and indeed fairly easy to make up. It's one I have always carried in my wallet and use whenever I have to pay for anything.

It's a great thing to use when you are out with a crowd of your friends and it's your turn to buy the drinks. - It's a great little reputation maker.

The Effect:

Just imagine, - You're out with friends and you offer to buy a round of drinks or in fact offer to pay for anything that the group are sharing. You take out your wallet or purse and from a wad of Notes??? you offer a few of the notes to the barman or shop assistant - to pay for the drinks.

Great amusement ensues when everyone realises that the notes are just "blank pieces of paper". Of course, most self respecting barmen or shop assistants will refuse to accept the "blank notes". You look surprised and disappointed and ask why your money's not good enough. The usual answer is - that it's just blank pieces of paper.

You simply shrug your shoulders and say - "Actually it's magic money," and with a flourish the wad of blank notes turn into real banknotes.

At this point you can simply return the notes to your wallet and say - "Well if my money's not good enough". - and let someone else pay. OR - You can hand over a few of the real notes to pay for the drinks etc.

Done casually, as if you do it all the time, - it astounds and amazes all the onlookers and is a tremendous Reputation Maker. People will talk about it long after you've gone. -

You'll Just Love This and You'll Use it for the Rest of Your Life!

YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT'S ONLY $10 For a Lifetime of FUN