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When we talk about advertising and publicity, a lot does depend on just what we are trying to achieve. If you have a definite plan in mind, so that you know which area you are going to work in, then it is much easier to plan your publicity and advertising.

For instance if you wanted to break into the corporate market, you would need first class, well produced material. On the other hand if you were concentrating on "PSYCHIC PARTIES IN YOUR HOME" it would need to be a little different, and would not cost anything like as much.
However the basic rules still apply to whatever area you decide to go for. Therefore I will outline the various ways of advertising etc. then it is up to you to decide which area is best for you.


Firstly I will talk about the very simplest way of getting work, assuming you are doing Palm Reading or Tarot card readings. This is THE COFFEE MORNING CIRCUIT. This is a very easy area to get started in, and it is a very easy area to work, it is stress free, and it can produce a good part time income for the very little effort that you have to put into it.
Your publicity material for this is a business card, with your name. And your title, such as Psychic Counsellor etc. and your phone number that is all you need. You do not need your address on your card; all your business can easily be done over the phone.

For very cheap, and very effective business cards try the following. Buy one deck of playing cards cost about one pound. The next step is to contact ABLE LABEL STEEPLEPRINT LTD EARLS BARTON NORTHAMPTON NN6 OLS. For twelve pounds you can get one thousand labels with your name etc printed on them in various styles. These at the price I quoted are almost as large as a playing card, and all you do is stick one on the back of a playing card and you have a unique, eye catching business card.

All you have to do is buy a deck of playing cards every time you run out of cards, and for your other outlay of twelve pounds you have got one thousand business cards. I have used this idea for years and it has worked really well for me. When you give a reading, give each client three or four of these cards. They will always keep one and they give the others to friends, and they will talk about you, and believe me this can get you an enormous amount of work from people you have been recommended to.


Another simple way of advertising is this. Get a few cards printed similar to your business card, but get them postcard size. The best way to get say fifty of these done is to find a friend who has a Computer and let him do them for you. This way it will be very cheap to get fifty or so printed.
You then put them in the windows of Newsagents and the big Supermarkets, and this is a very cheap way to advertise. But do make sure that you get a really good card done. This will then stand out amongst all the others and it will pay for itself time and time again. Once again just your name. Title, and phone number, that is all you need, providing you are just doing home visits, coffee mornings, or private Psychic parties.


Finally again armed with your business I will explain a method that can be very profitable indeed for the personal readings. This will entail you visiting about six ladies hairdressers, (Don’t do anymore than six or you may not be able to cope with the work.) Explain to them that you give Psychic Readings, and if they will put your card up in a prominent place in their salon, for just a few weeks, you in return, will give all their staff a free reading

You will find that they will jump at the chance, and you give all their staff a free reading, which is good advertising for you, as they will talk about it to all their customers, and with your card in full view, you will get quite a few private readings I can promise you.

Eventually of course the demand from six shops will tail off, but you can canvass six more in another part of town. But in any case if you have been handing out your cards in threes or fours you should very soon have built up quite a large clientele, and your business should prosper.

All this of course is concerned with what you might term the bottom end of the market. But don't knock it; you can easily earn you between one hundred and two hundred pounds a week, and sometimes quite a bit more. Also if you tie in to this with what I am going to teach you in the next and final lesson very often for no extra visits, you can double or treble this amount.


The coffee morning idea, which I explained earlier, is a good way to start and earn some pin money, until you get the confidence and ability to aim for higher things. The way to go about this idea is as follows.

You scan all the local newspapers to find out when and where the coffee mornings (Always done for Charity) are being held. Get in touch with the organisers and explain that you read palms etc.

Explain that if they are raising funds for charity, that you can help them. And at the same time provide a little entertainment. Tell them that you read people's personality and character from their palms, Go on to say that you are willing to come along to their coffee morning and do this for a nominal charge, for whoever wants their palm reading. Tell them that you want no fee and that you will give half of what you take to their charity. Mainly they will jump at your offer, but now and again if they are church people they may refuse you, but this is not very often. You cannot charge your normal fee at these low-key affairs but today a charge of three pounds each and they knowing it helps their charity will not be considered too much.

Your hand analysis will take no longer than three or four minutes at the most. Assume you do fifteen readings that are forty-five pounds. Take out a fiver for expenses if you wish, and you give the charity twenty pounds. I can tell you, everyone will be more than satisfied, and you have got some good practise.
I should think that at most coffee mornings you would average between twelve and twenty readings. I have done these and I know that is the average, there are not usually enough people there to do more than twenty or so. If you average twelve and only take two pounds for expenses five coffee mornings a week, spending around one hour reading palms still gives you one hundred pounds a week, and all done before lunch.
Of course you give out as many cards as you can when you do these mornings, and your follow up business can be really good.


You have the same scope and you can make a lot more than this, if you want to work the idea in a different way. What you do here is to contact every organiser of every charity show that is being put on in your area. Again the local newspapers are the best way of finding where these are being held.

During the winter months, social clubs alone put on dozens of charity shows. Once again you offer your services free and you do your readings in a corner in between the acts, and also after the acts have finished. You will again charge the punters three pounds, as it is for charity, and once again you give them half the money.
Prepare yourself for a long hard night here. Often you will have them queuing up for your services. You will find there is a lot of men who would love to have their palm read, but are afraid their friends might scoff at them. But the charity is the perfect excuse as they will say, "Go on then read mine if you can, seeing as it's for charity." In reality they want a reading and the charity aspect gives them the perfect excuse.

At the end of the evening take out a fiver or a tenner for expenses depending how far you have to travel etc. Then split the rest fifty fifty with the club. If you do this you will be more than welcome at any charity event I can tell you. Always remember to hand out as many cards as you can, and you can often be kept busy for weeks from just one good charity event.

There are plenty of opportunities like this all around you. All you have to do is keep your eyes open and your ear to the ground. Remember all this type of work involves practically no expense on your part, and it really is so easy if you are prepared to make the effort and really go for it.

But it is in the end up to you, I can tell you until I am blue in the face about how to do it and how easy it is, but at the end of the day YOU MUST GET UP AND DO IT, NO ONE ELSE WILL DO IT FOR YOU. Getting up and doing it, is the only way you will ever be a winner. At the end of the day all the thinking, planning and talking are worth absolutely nothing, unless you have the motivation to get up and go, having the motivation to succeed, is the only way you are going to succeed. Also while I have said earlier that this is the bottom end of the market, it has never been exploited like it should, and this is an easy and pleasant way of making a reasonably good living. There is very little stress and very little competition if you use my methods. I know I have done all these and I can assure you they all work very well.


You may be quite satisfied by earning the kind of money I have mentioned, but you may wish to aim higher, and if you do there is plenty of scope. Psychic Fairs are very popular in various parts of the country these days. I have done a few of them, and I have done quite well out of them.

In the last lesson I mentioned "The Tricks of the Trade" to give you the edge in these situations. There are two ways to give readings at Psychic Fairs, and all the Psychics I know seem to prefer the first one I shall mention. But if you use the second method, you will not only be different, you will, in the long run, make more money. In fact I think you will make more money in the short run as well, I know I did.

Most of the Psychics I have seen working at Psychic Fairs charge between fifteen and twenty pounds a reading. What surprised me was that each reading lasted about forty minutes. At fifteen to twenty pounds a reading they must feel they have to give value for money, hence the long reading.

Now in my opinion there is no way you can make a reading last forty minutes without constantly going over the same ground again and again. No, the way I worked when I did Psychic Fairs is easier for you, cheaper for the punter, and in the long run will earn you more money. What I did was to offer Hand Analysis at five pounds, and this would take no more than four minutes. I would also offer to answer any one question with the Tarot cards for three pounds, or two questions for five pounds. I always stressed that I would answer the questions that were troubling them.

Believe me everyone has one or two questions they would like to know the answer to, and by the same token, very few people have more than two questions that they would really like the answer to.

I would use the Tarot cards to answer the questions and I would always say, "Remember it is all in the cards". I would then ask them to state the question they wanted answering, and in ninety percent of the time they would do just that.

Occasionally however someone would say, "I thought you were going to tell me" when I asked them to state their question. When that happened which was not very often, I would say "Like I said it is all in the cards, and we will find the answer in the cards, I am just interpreting them for you." That answer always satisfied them, and as far as I can recall no one has ever queried it. I would then ask them to shuffle the cards and then to cut the cards into three piles, cutting with their left hand. When they had done this I would say that I read the top and the bottom cards, to get to the bottom of it. Sometimes I would explain that is where the saying getting to the top and bottom of it originated. All I did was turn over the top card of each of the three piles and interpret them. Then turn over each packet and read the bottom card of each pile, and that was it. Very simple, very convincing, especially if you have done one of my Tricks of The Trade, beforehand which has impressed them.

Whatever the questions was I always used the positive thinking approach and tell them that they could get what they wanted if they really believed in themselves, and that they had more ability than what they thought they had.
Then I would say that if they really believed in themselves, they had every chance of success. You should be familiar with my approach by now.


If you are going to aim for the corporate market, then this needs a totally different approach. You will need a well-designed brochure, plenty of glossy photographs, and everything must be top quality, including your letterhead. Not much show business here, make it more business like. I think the best way to break into this market is by contacting Agencies who specialise in corporate entertainment. You can find them in the yellow pages, and a few of them advertise in The Stage newspaper.

For Corporate work charge at least two hundred and fifty pounds a show, plus expenses. That is the going rate for this type of booking. But I can toll you it is not easy to break into this field. But again you could be lucky and you might just be in the right place at the right time.
If you decide to work Trade Shows you will earn your money I can tell you. Incidentally double the fee I mentioned earlier if you have to work on a Trade Stand all day. It is really hard work. Reading palms, or tarot cards all day and you will be brain dead by the end of the day I can tell you. But as I have pointed out the money is very good.
However 'it can cost you quite a bit of money on advertising etc but it can be very well worthwhile if you are prepared to work hard at this. You need to find specialist firms who do Trade Shows and you need to write to various advertising agencies, as a lot of Corporate work comes through these firms, and again the yellow pages is the best place to find them.

Incidentally if you have a Computer there is a programme out now costing around twenty pounds, which lists all the yellow pages in the entire country, I would strongly recommend you get this if you are contacting specialist firms, it will save you hours and hours of searching for these firms. I believe it is on C.D. Rom and 'it is available at most computer supply shops.


Here is a method which is rarely exploited, and if you approach the right people I am sure you can make good money from this, especially in the run up to Christmas.
I was approached once by Revlon, and asked if I would dress like a gypsy and do Tarot cards on their stand in Kendal Mills Manchester. They were advertising a new product called AUTUMN GOLD the deal was this. For anyone who bought the spent fifteen pounds on this range I gave them a free Tarot card reading. I did two weeks on the stand, and I was busy most of the day and it seemed to go well.
I never pursued this idea any further as I was not keen on being on a stand all day every day, I was involved in other things at the time. But I am sure whenever a firm is launching a new perfume, and do not forget, they spend absolute fortunes on advertising; they should be amenable to this idea.
I would aim for two hundred pounds a day plus travelling expenses, You may be thinking why only two hundred pounds a day when you can get five hundred on a Trade Stand. Well there is a big difference. When they have a Trade Stand everything is geared to finding new customers and new contacts, and your job is to ensure a steady flow of happy customers.
When you come to work on a stand in a shop, the entire normal advertising etc has been done. What you are doing here is something extra, not really a part of the full promotion. Also because they will buy or not buy on the day it is easily measured just how much of a success it is having someone like you on the stand.
Personally if I were working on a stand on a shop again, I would concentrate on palm reading, it is much quicker and it is just as popular as Tarot reading. I am sure this would also go well in a seaside resort like Blackpool during the season. I sincerely think there is a future in this type of Psychic work.


If you want to become really well known in the psychic field, it is possible, but you have to find a different or a unique approach. Some people say it cannot be done, but it can, just so long as you can capture the public's imagination.
Who would have thought that someone doing nothing more than bending spoons would become an international celebrity. Uri Geller did. Because he convinced the public he could bend spoons by the power of his mind. Enough people fell for this tosh, that he grabbed the headlines time after time. You have to really believe in yourself, if you really do want to rise to the top, and IT CAN BE DONE.

The general public is really far more gullible than you would think. Only a few months ago a story made the headlines about a marble statue that supposedly drank milk. This was on the news time on Television and if fooled a lot of people, and made someone very rich in just a few days. Yes people really did believe that the statue drank milk.
Look at the hundreds of new religions people start, and always they seem to attract plenty of followers. I am not saying you should adopt any of these methods, but you do have to find something a little out of the ordinary and you could be on your way to being famous. Often it is just being in the right place, doing the right thing, at the right time.
You may argue that luck has a big part to play in this and I would agree. But all the luck in the world is of no use to you, unless you are always prepared just incase something does come your way. If the opportunity does come and you are not sure what to do, or you are not prepared and ready, then it will pass you by, so make sure you are always on the ball.


You may not believe that you really do have some psychic ability. I firmly believe that everyone has some psychic ability, but for one reason or another it is lying dormant. Perhaps the person does not really believe, or they never think about it, but it is there in a certain degree in everybody.

Like positive thinking it has a lot to do with belief in oneself, and it you work at it you can really develop it. All the world's great thinkers say that their great ideas or thoughts came to them out of the blue. Just like a flash of light is what a lot of them have said.
These people had worked and thought about something possibly for years. Then when they were relaxed and not actually thinking, their subconscious mind flashed the answer to them. People like Thomas Edison have said I had stopped thinking about it, and I was just dozing or dreaming when the answer suddenly came to me.

The one thing they all seem to have in common is this. The inspiration always seems to come out of the quiet, that is when there is no noise. If you think hard about something, then forget it for a while, you turn it over to your subconscious mind.
While you are asleep, or day dreaming your subconscious mind works on the problem. But your subconscious needs QUIETNESS. It is no accident that the answer often comes to you when you are asleep or daydreaming.
I am convinced that the real noisy pop music, or so called music is partly responsible for the violent, aggressive behaviour of a lot of young people, and the more we get this music the more the violence rises.

In ancient times, when men wanted to seek wisdom they went out into the wilderness to seek peace and solitude. This has always been the way of the great thinkers, the poets, painters etc. This is to find the inner, true self.
It may sound old fashioned today, BUT IT WORKS. If you want to reach your inner self, who will help you to find your psychic ability, then you must have some quiet every day to enable you to contemplate or meditate on things.

Obviously in today's world it would not be feasible to wander off into the wilderness that is if you could find any wilderness. Today you use a method, which is very effective, and indeed has had remarkable results for some people.
The way that is practised by a lot of psychics is as follows. You lay in bed when you first waken up in the morning. You lay still and get as relaxed as possible, and then you do as follows. You firstly try to shut out all external sounds.
Once you have done this, you really concentrate on listening to the inaudible sounds. Listen to the creaks in the floorboards; listen for the wind whistling under the door, you really have to concentrate to hear these sounds. After a while you will be conscious of sounds that you never knew existed before.

Try to spend the first fifteen minutes doing this when you first waken up in the morning. If this is not practical try it when you go to bed in the evening before you go to sleep. Or ideally do both in the morning and the evening.
Another more advanced way is to get into a really darkened room with all the sounds shut out. No light anywhere at all and do the same listening for sounds etc here. Spend about half an hour at a time doing this, again this is a way practised by many psychics.

If you practise these exercises regularly you will become highly aware of things all around you. Then you will find it much easier to pick up signals from different people that you would otherwise not be tuned to. This is real psychic ability, and the more you practise, the more proficient you will become. This type of training will make you more aware of yourself, and your surroundings, and also other people.
The more confidence you can portray to the outside world, the more people will believe in you. The way you project yourself will play a big part in being successful.

You should also do a few Yoga exercises every day. These are excellent for making you feel relaxed and for acquiring a quiet kind of confidence. In the final lesson of this course you will learn how to help people overcome their difficulties by teaching them to relax etc. You will also help them to stop smoking lose weight etc.

The key to success in sport and many other walks of live is learning the art of relaxation. If you cannot learn to relax properly you will never be a real winner. If you want to achieve your goals you need to learn the art of self-hypnosis. Which is another term for complete relaxation. The final lesson in this course deals with all that.
The final lesson in this course will teach you how to get other people to use more of their potential. If you are not doing it, then it seems hardly likely that you will convince other people how to improve their lives, so I do urge you to do these exercises etc.


This is the act you start your show -with, you, You can make this longer if you wish, it is entirely up The build up act is used before a show to impress the audience that you have psychic ability, this applies -whether you think you have or not. It is a short act, but I find a short sharp act is enough.


You will need a deck of cards that is divided into twenty-six pairs. These are in any order; you could have a pair of Aces followed by a pair of sixes, then fours etc. You will also need the twenty-two Major Arcana cards with, THE SUN, THE STAR, AND THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE, at the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth, position from the top respectively.
You will also need three short predictions one regarding the Sun, one for the Star and one for The Wheel of Fortune. Each one of these is placed in an envelope ready for the show. The predictions should read something like this. FOR THE SUN CARD
You are going through a pleasant change and things are looking up for you. In fact the sun is shining and the world looks a more pleasant place that is if your lucky card chosen by numerology is THE SUN.

This is the time for you to get some of the things you have wanted. Make a wish for whatever it is you want, and who knows if you wish on a star you will be lucky, if your card, chosen by numerology is THE STAR.

Now is the time to take a few chances, gamble a little on life now, because lady luck is coming your way. You will be really lucky over the next year if your card chosen by numerology is THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE.

I start by telling them that I can usually predict who is lucky at cards, lucky in love, etc. I say I think someone here would be very luck y with cards. To find out this is what I want you to do. You get someone to shuffle the deck, which as you will know is divided, into twenty six pairs. Now it does not matter how well the cards are shuffled there will still be half the pairs still intact. Try it and see it is impossible to split all the pairs unless the cards are riffled shuffled time and again. You try to pick someone who overhand shuffles anyway.

When the cards have been shuffled take them back, spread them, or fan them outfaces towards yourself as you make some remark, such as you have shuffled these cards well. As you do this you look for one pair, any pair and cut the face up cards so the pair is at the bottom. As you know what you are looking for as soon as you spread the cards, you -will spot a pair cut them to the bottom, and it appears you have done nothing.

Turn the cards face down and say here take a couple of cards. Here you just thumb off the top two cards, which are the pair of course, leave these cards face down on the table. Again ask someone to shuffle the cards, and you do exactly as before, so now there is two pairs face down on the table. You say that you are going to let them play stud poker and that you have predicted the kind of hand they will finish up with. Have someone push any one of the four face down cards to one side, as you say that is your hole card. Again have someone to shuffle the deck and this time they remove any card without seeing the face. When this is done say this is the wild card please mark it on the back.

Have them place a big cross with a felt tip pen on the back of the card, and it is then added to the other three cards. Have someone pick up these four face down cards, place them behind their back and turn them face up. Then they mix up the cards and bring them out face up and place them on the table. There will be one pair amongst the cards, which you gave them and one of the other two cards will make up a pair with the hole card. As you know which pairs you gave out, you will know that the remaining card is the wild card with the cross on the back. No one else will have a clue which card is which.
You know pick up your prediction and apparently read it out. You say Congratulations on getting a very good hand; by including the wild card you have got a full house. For the benefit of those -who do not know Poker you explain it to them.
You point out that if the card in the hole matches one of the two odd cards then the hand will be two pairs. But if the remaining card, again like those all chosen by chance, is the wild card, then the hand will be as you predicted a Full House.
You turn the hole card face up to show it does match one of the odd cards, and the remaining odd card is indeed the wild card. This routine is totally inexplicable, as it appears everything was done by chance, and the cards were shuffled at least three times by the audience.

Occasionally when the wild card is chosen it will match one of the two pairs you gave out from the shuffled deck. But this is not very often. However in case this does happen to you, then congratulate them on choosing a full house without the need of a wild card,

After this I go onto talk about lucky lottery numbers and I give them their lucky numbers from their name and birthday etc, as I explained in level four in Numerology. This is a very impressive demonstration, I can promise you. But remember if you have something you would rather use, then use it, mine is to give you ideas, put use them to come up with your own ideas.


This is a very easy demonstration as it is all based on Numerology -which was all explained in lesson four. Anyway you have your Major Arcana cards with the SUN, THE STAR, and AND THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE set up at positions ten, eleven and twelve.

You patter about Numerology and you place the three envelopes containing your predictions in front of three different people. You now ask the first one to give you a number over ten. If by chance they say a number over twenty you say there are only twenty two Major cards please make the number between ten and twenty.
Let us assume the number is fourteen. You count fourteen cards off the top on to the table. You then pick them up and say one and four make five. Deal four cards on to the table and place the fifth card in front of him. The cards you have in your hand are dropped on top of the ones you dealt, in these example four cards. Please do not get this wrong or the effect will not work

All these cards are placed back on top of the deck and this is repeated for the other two people. At the conclusion there will THE SUN, THE STAR, AND THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE in front of the three people.
Have your predictions read out one at a time then have the three people turn over their cards, to show YOU HAVE GOT ALL THREE PREDICTIONS CORRECT. THIS FINISHES THE BUILD UP ACT. Well I think that is all you need to convince people that you really are psychic. This should really impress them and that makes it so easy to do the cold reading, hand analysis, or Tarot card reading afterwards. If you do have any query regarding this material, or anything in this lesson please give me a ring, or drop me a line anytime.

Keep busy and Keep well.


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