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(All this material is copyright. T.V.Rights reserved.)

Learning to react the Tarot in just seven days is quite easy with my new method. In fact when you have done this you will amaze yourself just how accurate you will be with your readings. Before we start I will give you my philosophy behind the Tarot readings.

I am convinced that the tarot should be used to help people to help themselves and also to know themselves better. Once you know your own strengths and weaknesses, then, if you can face up to them, you can start to help yourself.

I am a firm believer in the positive mental approach and I try to instil this in the readings that I give. I always stress that the person must help himself or herself that only they can solve their own problems and their answer lies within themselves.

I try to give them confidence and I try to make them believe in themselves. Actually my approach to Tarot reading is a short course in positive thinking. I remember one person having a reading from me. When I finished he said when I came to you I was depressed and had no confidence, now I feel I am walking on air. I attempt, to make people believe in themselves, and through the cards try to convince them that they have far more ability than what they think they have.

After all you have in the end to solve your own problems. Other people can only give you a push in the right direction, or give you the confidence in yourself that you need. If you approach the Tarot in this way then I know you will get a lot of satisfaction from your readings, and you will achieve more than you would ever think possible. Now let us make a start in my easy way of learning the Tarot in just seven days.

The first part of this work is to show you my easy method of actually understanding the meaning of the cards. The second part is to show you how to give readings. But remember I only give you the bare bones you add the dressing yourself as you talk with your client.

How much time do you need to learn the Tarot? I am often asked that question. The answer is one week provided you are prepared to spend one and a half-hours a day on this. You may think this is a tall order but if you bear with me and do it the way I (outline you will suddenly see just how easy it really is.

But please read each section separately and do one day's work at a time to start with. This way you will discover what it is that makes it so easy, so before we start with day one, please remember that if you take it one step at a time as I outline, it will be very easy for you to learn the method in one week. Don't be tempted to learn it all in two or three days, just take your time and you will find it an easy task.


The first thing is to get the right type of tarot cards. You may not know this but most decks do not have proper pictures on all the cards. They have pictures on the Major cards and the Court cards but on all the others they just have the number of symbols that the card represents. For instance the Two of Cups will just have two cups on the cards. The Seven of Pentacles just has seven Pentacles on the card. This makes it very difficult to remember what each card represents.
But Tarot cards such as The Rider Waite deck, or The Morgan Greer deck or the one, which I now supply, and use The Cosmic Deck all have a proper picture on each and every card.

This makes it so much easier to remember what each card means. I suspect that most people who attempt to learn to read the Tarot cards have bought a deck that does not have real pictures on every card, (The majority don’t) and they give up mainly because of the difficulty in trying to remember what each card means.

The other reason most people give up is due to the stupid instructions supplied with most cards. These are so complicated you would need to have a mind like a computer to learn from these.
Anyway this is what I want you to do for day one. Get the cards and get to know which are the twenty-two Major Arcana cards, the meaning for each one is printed on the bottom of the card. Also get to know which are the Minor Arcana cards.

I do not want you to try to memorise them Just get to know which are which. Then learn and remember the names of the four suits, which are Cups (Hearts in ordinary cards) Pentacles (Diamonds in ordinary cards) Swords (Spades in ordinary cards) and Wands (Clubs in ordinary cards).

Just get familiar with the suits and the Major Arcana until a quick glance is all you need to know whether the card is a Major Arcana card or you know immediately which suit is which. That is all you have to learn for the first day.


The second day I want you to really start on the Major Arcana cards so you can tell which one is which. You will know by now there are twenty-two Major Arcana cards and the name of each one is printed on the bottom of the card. That means you have nothing to memorise, to know which card is which.

If you have read the instruction book as to the meanings for each of these Major Arcana cards no doubt you would be confused as it gives so many different meanings for each and every card. Forget the instruction book completely it is a waste of time.
Today I want you to memorise the first eleven of the twenty-two cards. If you
follow the method I am about to describe you should find it very easy.
Instead of having half a dozen or more different interpretations for each card, we just use one so that it gives you an overall picture and it is very easy to remember. This is the way we do it;

The first card is THE MAGICIAN.
As I say forget the instruction book just think of what a Magician is, he is a wonder worker or far better than an average person, someone who is really proficient. That is all you need to know and remember nothing else.

The second card is THE HIGH PRIESTESS.
As the High Priestess is supposedly a worldly-wise woman. All you have to do is think of some person that you know who has these qualities and use that person all the time as the role model for the High Priestess, so that that every time you think of the High Priestess you think of this woman and the qualities this woman possesses.

The third card is THE EMPRESS
This is a lady in charge so again think of some person you know who is always in charge, perhaps someone who always likes to give orders and expect them to be carried out. Use this person as the role model for The Empress.

The fourth card is THE EMPEROR
Again the same as before. Think of some male person who likes to be in charge etc and use that person all the time as the role model for the Emperor.

The fifth card THE HIEROPHANT
Just think of some religious person you know, it could be a Priest or a Vicar or anyone but you use the person you think of as the role model for the Hierophant.

The sixth card is THE LOVERS
This one is almost self-explanatory. But don't just think of two lovers make sure you use someone who is close and family minded because it represents love in the widest sense.

The seventh card is THE CHARIOT
In Roman times the Chariot race was a test and the winner was a hero. Therefore when the Chariot comes up it means the person who gets this card, can be a winner but only after a hard struggle, that it all you need to remember.

The eighth card is STRENGTH
Again self-explanatory. The person who gets this card in a reading will have the strength or the inner strength to get over their difficulties.

The ninth card is THE HERMIT
it means someone who needs some time to be on his or her own, or to make decisions on their own, or perhaps needs to do some meditating. Just think of these things that's all.

The tenth card is THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE
Again very easy to remember. When this card comes up during a reading I just say the wheel of fortune is turning and the person is going to be lucky. In other words it is a lucky card.

The eleventh card is JUSTICE
This card means justice will prevail for the person whose cards you are reading. The scales of Justice will balance out.

That is all you need to know about each card, and you should be able to learn them in one day. Please remember you can expand on these meanings when you start doing readings, and obviously you will interpret them according to the person you are reading for. This way, your psychic ability will improve considerably, and it is amazing how the right cards turn up for people. But as I keep saying, you only need to know the basic meaning of each card.



Today's practise is the second eleven of the Major Arcana.

The twelfth card is THE HANGED MAN
Think of someone who has hanged himself through his mistakes or everything is upside down in his life or is suspended. That is all you need to know to remember what The Hanged Man means.

The Thirteenth card is DEATH
This is the card that really scares people, so put their minds at rest. It does not mean death. What it means is the death of the old, the start of the new. So it signifies a new start for someone and is often a very good card.

The fourteenth card is TEMPERANCE
This means what it says. To stay temperate, moderation in all things no over indulging in drink etc that is the message from this card.

The fifteenth card is THE DEVIL
A warning card that things can go wrong. The client will be tempted and has to resist temptation or things can go wrong.

The sixteenth card is THE TOWER
This card can mean a disaster or a breakdown in health. It is a warning card that if the client does not relax and stop pushing and driving themselves to hard there can be danger. But again always tell them it is a warning card. And they should heed the warning.

The seventeenth card is THE STAR
This is a favourable card. It is their lucky star. The client can always wish on a star. So it is there star of hope that is all you need to remember for this card.

The eighteenth card is THE MOON

Not a very good card. Means melancholy and depression. I always think of the werewolf at the full moon and how he has changed for the worse. So the worst side of a person comes out during the full moon. It leaves them depressed, moody etc.

The nineteenth card is THE SUN
One of the best cards. Everything blossoms and grows when the sun shines. It is a good card for things getting better for the person. The sun is about to shine for them.

The twentieth card is THE JUDGEMENT
Just think that it is time for the client to make decisions when this card comes up. It is time to Judge things, or make a big decision.

The twenty-first card is THE WORLD
Another good positive card. Think of "It's a wonderful world. It is good news time when this card comes up for the client.

The twenty-second card is THE FOOL
This card indicates that the client has been a fool or will make a fool of himself, or is afraid to make any decisions because be may make a fool of himself. I always say, stop thinking you have been a fool. Put the past behind you and look a head etc.

Well that is all you need to learn for the third day, I think you will find it quite easy especially as the card almost tells you what it means. All you have to learn to do is interpret it the way you think it means. Go over these once or twice and you should have no problems with any of them.



Today we start on the Minor Arcana but in a way that makes it so easy. Firstly we start with the four suits and you should have learned these the first day, but in any case we will go over them again.
Cups (Hearts) Pentacles (Diamonds) Swords (Spades) and Wands (Clubs.) Just a reminder Cups think of the loving cup so it is love, which in ordinary cards is Hearts. Pentacles same as Diamonds, and the symbol on the card is a Gold Coin so that is easy to remember.

Swords are representing business etc so think of a sword as the weapon you use to get what you want, or perhaps you can think of some other memory aid, which you can use it. It does not matter as long as you can remember what each suit represents.

Wands these represent your social life and creative efforts. I think of a magician waving a wand to create something and people all around him so it is a social gathering. Like I say anything like this as an aid so you automatically know what each suit represents. You should be able to learn these inside half an hour with these simple memory aids to help you. Now for the next part which seems to be a secret to anyone but really is quite simple.
The instruction book will give you meanings for the forty Minor Arcana cards. (These are all the other cards except the court cards.) It seems a real problem to attempt to memorise all the different meanings for all these cards, until you take a closer look.

There are not forty meanings to learn there are only ten different meanings. You see all the Aces mean the same thing except in different spheres of your life. The same applies for the two's the three's and every number all the way through to ten.
For example Aces are beginnings. So if you have the Ace of Cups it means a new relationship or similar in your life. If you have the Ace of Pentacles it means a new start financially or something similar.

Two's are partnerships or similar in your life. For instance the two of Wands would mean you would be meeting someone new in your social life. Whereas the Two of Swords would mean you would be doing some business dealing with someone new.
Therefore as long as you know what each suit represents, you only have to learn the ten different meanings, which are listed below.
ACES These are beginnings so counting from one to ten one is the beginning so that is all you need to know.
TWO'S Are partnerships so just think of two of a kind.
THREES Just think Two's company three's a crowd or three makes the eternal triangle.
FOUR'S Are foundations for building on, so think of the four cornerstones of a building as your memory aid for four's
FIVE'S Are difficulties in the Tarot. Think how difficult it is to draw a five-pointed star, which should enable you to remember that the number five represents difficulties.
SIXES Are success or wins in the Tarot. So imagine you are throwing a dice and six is the winning number. You cannot throw higher so it is a winner.
SEVEN'S. In the Tarot sevens means lessons to learn. Imagine when you go to school, it is all play but you start serious lessons when you are seven. That makes it easy to remember sevens are lessons to learn.
EIGHT'S means obstacles in the tarot. I think of the figure eight as an obstacle course. If you follow it around you finish up back where you started. That makes it easy to remember that eight’s are obstacles.
NINE'S Means achievements. Just think that nine out of ten is a pretty good achievement, and that will tell you what nine means in the tarot.
TEN'S As Aces represent beginnings so ten's represent the outcome. Think of a boxer being knocked out, when ten is called that is the final outcome. Again an easy memory aid for ten's.
You should be able to learn these ten meanings inside one hour. Believe me once you have done this you are well on your way to learning the basic Tarot.




For the fifth day there is nothing new to learn. Instead spend this learning period going over everything you have learned up to now. You will see how easy it all is, and do not forget the pictures on the cards are a memory aid as well. You should on day five take out all the cards you have learned and deal them out in different layouts so you get thoroughly familiar with them. Also use your imagination as you lay them out, and pretend you are doing readings for different people.
The more familiar you get with the cards now, the easier it will be when you come to do actual readings. If you do this you will soon be able to tell what any card means at a glance.




We now come to the last cards of the Minor Arcana, which you have yet to learn. Once you know these cards you are actually ready to do readings.
The cards still to be learned are the Pages (In the Cosmic deck these are Princesses, and as I use these cards mainly I will refer to them as Princesses. But if you have any other type of Tarot deck they will be Pages.) Then the Princes (In other Tarot decks these are the Knights) The Queens and finally the Kings. Princes and Princesses represent children and teenagers. Queens become friends, wives or mothers, and Kings become older men. Fathers or friends. Really that is all you need to remember for a start.




To finalise your knowledge of what each Tarot card means you have to have a meaning for each of the Court cards e.g. the Princes, Princesses, Queens and Kings. This is my own method of doing this. Once again I use role models. As Princesses are female children or teenagers I do this. For each suit for example Cups as these are the loving Cups I think of a child or a teenager I know who has these qualities, one who is a loving caring child or teenager and I use that person all the time as the role model for the Princess of Cups.

I do the same for all the other Princesses for Swords, someone I know who studies and looks like having a good business he ad. For Pentacles someone I know who likes spending money or saving money or whatever as long as they are interested in money. For Wands I use as a role model someone who is the party going type who loves company etc., perhaps the life and soul of the party. I do exactly the same for Princes using young male children or teenagers I know as role models. Exactly the same for the Queens and Kings using mature people that I know as role models.

It could be that you do not know as many people to represent all these role models, let's face it there are sixteen different ones. However that is easy to overcome. Use people from Television or the films to represent the various Court cards. Use the same ones all the time when you have decided on which one to use.

You are now ready to actually do the readings. Once you really know the cards all that it takes now is your ability to interpret them. Obviously if certain cards come up and you are doing a reading say for a young lady you would interpret it totally differently than if the same card came up for a middle aged business man.

That is what your brief is. You are a positive thinker and you try to help whoever you are doing the reading for to make a decision themselves, give them the confidence to do this. As you go on, your psychic ability will improve and you will often be amazed how accurate you are.

This is the only really practical way to go about it. Once you know the cards, you interpret them to the best of your ability to help your client. Do not make rash claims and always you are striving to get the client to acquire more confidence in making their own decisions. If you do this I am sure this is as good as any other type of counselling they will receive from any source. It is mainly common sense and I am convinced that the Tarot cards were the worlds first POSITIVE THINKING COURSE. Do your readings in this manner and you will be in demand I can promise you?
Do not be negative always a positive approach with no doom and gloom. I have lost count of the people who I have given readings to who have remembered some bad news some reader told them, and often it has been twenty or more years before. People are easily impressed and your job is to make them feel better about themselves and not worse.

Every book I have read on the Tarot tells you to ask questions and then give the answers back later as though you have thought of the answer and you have not had the question. I feel this approach is totally wrong. What happens is as soon as you start asking the client questions, they usually say, "I thought you were going to tell me".

Forget about asking questions. You ask the questions later once you have gained their confidence. Remember what I told you in the first lesson there are only three things people think about or worry about. That is their financial future, their sex life or their health. Even the health only comes into question, as they get older. It is fairly easy to make an educated guess as to what problems your client is most worried about. Look at the cards get an overall picture and make some comments that you think are relevant. You are then using the technique I talked about in the first lesson watching their eyes etc.

You will soon be able to tell if you are on the right track or not, but the strange thing is this. The Tarot cards are uncanny they are so accurate so often. It really is amazing how you will get it right almost every time. Naturally the more practise you have the better you will get.
Later on I will give you some sample readings, which will make it all a lot clearer for you. Again as I have said before. Interpret the cards as you think, and use your common sense and you will not go far wrong I can tell you.



I will now do a few sample readings to give you some idea of how to do a reading for different people. Obviously you will use your own words but this should give you a fair idea of how to go about it.



I always start of once I have laid out the cards by studying the cards for a few seconds. Then I usually say something like "Well this looks like it could be a good year for you judging by the cards". When you have said that look at them. You will see the relief often on their face because when they come to you, they usually fear the worst; your job is to put them at ease immediately, and then you can start the reading.

If you start off something like I have just outlined you have got them relaxed and they feel a lot more comfortable, and you want them to be positive when they leave and not in a negative frame of mind. Let us assume this sample reading is for a young lady of about eighteen years of age. At this age the young lady will either want to study for future career or is thinking mainly of boyfriends and having a good time etc.

You have one of two ways to go here and you either say "I can see you doing some studying this year". Or else you say "I can see a fun year and a few changes for you." You have to try and decide which is the best approach. Often you can tell by appearances, but as soon as you have made your statement look directly into her eyes. If they light up you have hit it right, if they don’t you have not got her interest.

Once you have ascertained what type of person you are reading for you can start reading the cards. I will do this and I have just shuffled the cards and laid them out at random, and I will use the same ones for all the sample readings so you will understand how to do it. Let us say the young lady of eighteen who we are doing the reading for is mainly interested in a career.

The first card to show up is The Three of Cups
"I can see from this card that you have what I call the three faces of Eve, That is the front you put on to the world, the part that is the dreamer and the real you. It is good to dream but you also realise you have to face reality. If you get all three facets of your personality together you will have more success. You want to study and you have hopes or dreams but at the same time you want a social life as well. You can combine them to a certain degree but you must know more about yourself and make a decision this year as to which way to go.

The next card The World
This shows that you will find your right way this year as you have got the world showing up which means you will be happy and things will go your way. However you need to believe in yourself more because the the third card The Fool seems to indicate that you are afraid of making mistakes and that you are inclined to dwell on your mistakes instead of putting them behind you. Try to learn from your mistakes and put the past mistakes behind you, they are all part of the learning process but it is up to you to look forward now and don't look back".

Next card Seven of Wands
The golden rule this year is that you should be yourself, and believe in yourself. Do not listen to other people, make your own judgements. If you do that you will learn a lot about yourself and get it all together. Remember what I told you about the three faces of Eve. Listen to your own voice and follow your own ideas. That way you will develop your own independent personality.

Next The Nine of Wands
This card shows you will be very successful if you really try. You have some creative ability and you should work on developing that. It may be a new job or a new hobby where you will have success, so it is up to you to experiment and discover what other talents you have that you are not using at the moment.

The Knight of Wands I see a new friend coming into your life. It may be a boyfriend, although not a serious boyfriend. You will go on a long journey together.

Regarding money or your career you will have more than your share of luck this year as this card Seven of Pentacles
shows although you will probably say to anyone who thinks you are lucky, "that the harder I work the luckier I get".
You should also give some thought to developing your personality more. Don't be afraid of trying new things or new projects even if you do not get it right every time, you will learn from your mistakes, remember the card The Fool. Make mistakes but learn from them.

Ten of Cups If you go in this direction and keep trying, your emotional life will take care of itself this year and you will be happy with your relationships. By and large it looks like a year where you are working to find your true self to enable you to know in which direction your future lies.
This is the year where you will grow and the harder you work at this the more able you will be to plan your next few years.



The reading is always on a positive note. You have to try to motivate the client to make them conscious of the fact that it is up to them. That in the long term they have control of their life, and they have to make the effort needed to make it work. You have shown them trends, which way things can go, and they probably will if they make the necessary effort.

As I pointed out earlier the Tarot is self-help or self-improvement course, and most of the self-help and self-improvement courses on the market today are based on the original teachings of the Tarot. Always keep in mind that you are trying to help people to help themselves. It is about this point in a reading when clients will start to ask you questions. If not, don't be afraid of asking them if there is anything in particular they wish to know about. This is where you become a counsellor, and you try to help them with their problems. Use ordinary common sense here, nothing else.

As an onlooker you can often see the answer quite easily for your client, they cannot because they are to close to it. When you do give them answers, also ask a few questions yourself, and you will be amazed how much knowledge you can gain from your client and this helps you to interpret the next cards you lay out for them, as you are more aware of their doubts and fears. This in turn helps the client to have more confidence in you. I will now give a sample reading using the very same cards, but assume this client is a middle-aged housewife. The area of interest for this type of client will be centred on her family if she is happily married, her husband, and such things these days as will they move house, or will he keep his job etc. Or if she is not happily married will she stay married will her financial position improve etc.

The first thing you must try to ascertain as you lay out the cards is whether or not she is happily married or not. Actually her outlook expression and attitude usually tells you anyway.

However if you cannot tell as you lay the cards out point to the Knight of Wands
(In our case) and say the man in your life is causing you some problems isn't he. If she looks startled and not sure what to say you are on the wrong track, so just say,. You are worried about his health I see. The answer you get will then enable you to carry on the right track.If on the other hand he is causing her problems, she will let you know, usually in no uncertain terms. Assume for this reading the lady is not happily married.


The first card here is The Three of Cups
This card is the three faces of Eve that I show you. One is the front you put on to the world, the second is you the dreamer, and the third is the real you.

At the moment you are putting a front on to the world, because you are not as happy as you should be. You dream of changing things but it is not easy, and often you feel trapped. I his causes you to want to change things, to ensure a better future for yourself. This takes us to the real you, whether to go on as you are, is not what you want, but you are not sure which way to go.

The next card is The World
which indicates there is a better future for you, and it is possible to be happy and do, what you want for a change, tell me if you could change one part of your life now. What would you change? (Remember you have found out she is not happily married so her answer will tell you in which direction to go).

You often think that you have been foolish The Fool and you think you will continue to make mistakes as you have lost confidence in yourself. But believe more in yourself, do not think that you are inferior or cannot make decisions. If you have made foolish decisions in the past, which is causing you to be unhappy, then at least learn from them, and do not make the same mistakes again. Now is the time to put the past behind you and get on with the future.

Your luck is going to change soon The Seven of Wands and I think you will meet someone who will help you to make your decision. It will be a good friend who may give you some good advice, which you should act on. It is never easy to make big decisions but I feel you will be the better person for it if you do make up your own mind and do what you want to do.
In fact there is a possibility that the next twelve months will be more fulfilling than you would imagine
The Nine of Wands You will not find life a bed of roses but certainly if you are more persistent in searching for happiness you will find that most of the things you are looking for will materialise, again it is up to you, and how much effort you put into changing things.

I can see a man in your life The Knight of Wands
this is a young man and I feel this is your son. Obviously you have to have regard for his feelings during this year of change, but the cards suggest that he is reaching the stage where he wants to be doing things his way and he has some talent to use. I think he has the ability of making his own way in the world, and the cards suggest he will do well financially -Seven of Pentacles
If your children’s feelings are obstacles in your search for happiness why don't you confide in them more, I am sure you will all benefit from it.

In fact the last card in this spread Ten of Cups
shows there is a lot you can do together and the cards suggest that they will be behind you and they want you to be happy.- I think taking them in your confidence, will inspire confidence in them, and it will lead to greater understanding all round.



Early in the reading, by asking one question only, we found the lady was not happily married. Therefore, the reading concentrates on helping the lady to make moves to improve her life. When asked what she would like to change, most of all. Her answer gives you some information. You then feed this back with advice to try to help her make her own decisions.
During the asking, assume the lady, did mention that she had children, and I assume there was no other man in her life. This you do not need to ask. If a lady is unhappily married and has not met anyone else it shows in her whole outlook and appearance, and lack of confidence, I assume this lady was in that category.

Of course if the lady did look confident it is a safe bet that there is someone else in her life. All this sort of thing you should be able to evaluate when talking to her. Naturally if the lady looked radiant or confident I would realise someone else had come into her life, and I would have changed the reading accordingly.

You have to observe people and while I like to ask as few questions as possible, once you have gained their confidence, or told them something that was spot on they are only to eager to tell you more. Remember all the time you are trying to make people think positively and help them to gain confidence in themselves. At the end of the day whatever advice you give them, they will make their own decision.But as long as you have given them confidence in themselves they have a much better chance of realising their goals in life,


As you can tell from the previous reading you have to make an educated guess as to what their areas of interest are. Very often one question is enough to determine this. Often you will think you know, and believe me you will be amazed how accurate you will be, especially after you have done a few readings.
I cannot tell you why this is, it just seems the cards do seem to have a way of telling you. But even so, one question, along with your own observance, is enough to know. But always let the cards guide you as well.

In most cases when you have mentioned certain areas of their life and they are interested in this, they will ask you questions, and I always say the cards will come to that later. In a full reading I always do three spreads, that is I read the cards once, have them shuffled and repeat twice more. Even if you have not told them some things they want to know about, you can always do another spread and then you tell them more.
Sometimes when I have done the three spreads I ask them if there is anything else they want to know about, If they do, then I simply do another spread of the cards.

Like I say watch their face when you ask, or answer a question, you can usually tell which way to go from the expression on their face. This takes practise and it all comes with experience, but believe me, it is not difficult, as you will find out for yourse




Assume this reading (using the same cards as before) is for a middle-aged businessman.
You will have a reasonably good idea that your client is a businessman from his dress and manner etc. Start the reading something like this.

The overall picture for this year looks promising. You are going to engage on more than one venture and this card (Three of Cups) shows that you will need to think on different fronts. You have the ability to do this and you must use all sides of your talents in at least three different directions. You have, I believe these projects in mind now and you also have ideas from other people to help you.

This card (The World) shows the business world from your perspective and as this is a lucky card it appears that your business world is full of opportunities at the moment, although they are not always easy to spot.

However there is a card here which is a warning (The Fool) do not be rushed into a decision which entails a great deal of money or what involves taking a partner, it could prove to be an expensive mistake, and it needs checking out carefully.
You have made some mistakes in the past, but you have learned from them, and as long as you use your business brain and do not fall for any get rich schemes you will be okay.

By doing a lot of socialising you will meet some good contacts for the future. In fact this will be one of your most successful years in that respect. (The Nine of Wands) However do not be tempted to burn the candle at both ends, moderation in all things is the secret.

I see a young person (Knight of Wands) this is a bright young person who you will assist in many ways, as you will see that he has potential to do very well. Even if other people do not see this. The person could be related to you, do you have son by any chance?
(If the person answers yes to this question, he will probably elaborate and from this information you can confirm whether the person in the cards is probably his son, or not. depending on the answers you get.)
There will be a business chance coming your way later in the year (Seven of Pentacles) this looks like being very profitable for you in more ways than one. In fact you will find lady luck will be on your side as regards finance, although it may take some time to develop The cards suggest that you are aware of this from previous experience, and you will know which direction to direct your efforts, to achieve the best results.

You will also meet a few people this year who will stay friends for a long time and this year will be a good year for personal relationships (Ten of Cups) and it will pay you to try to spend as much time with your family this year as you can. It will be a busy year, and it is so easy to neglect the important things in life All in all I see a busy and successful year for you and your family.




As this was a businessman it was quite easy to read the cards, as money and business ventures would be what he was most likely interested in.

So you see from those three readings, using the same cards, and yet you must interpret them differently. As long as you interpret them in this way you will not be far out on your reading, the cards mean different things to different people as I have tried to outline to you with these three sample readings.
Once you are aware of how to do this, you will find it easy. Be observant and try to tell them at least two or three things that impress them before you ask questions. If you do this, you will not have to ask many questions, as they will open up when they have confidence in you and tell you their innermost secrets. In fact you will often be amazed at some of the things they will tell you once they have confidence in you.
If you have followed this lesson carefully and learned all the meanings and read the sample readings you are well equipped to go out and do professional readings for money. Later in the course I will explain different ways to capitalise on your Tarot knowledge and the different ways of doing the readings to obtain the maximum earning power from this.

I sincerely hope that by the time you get next month’s lesson that you are earning money from the Tarot. Like I said it is up to you, so go for it, and good luck, until next month keep busy and keep well.


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