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Joe Riding's New Price List 2002
These Products & Prices are just Magical!

Learn from the vast experience of professional magician and lecturer: -
Joe Riding - Member of the Inner Magic Circle Gold Star

The following range of Joe's magical products and training courses are also available as electronic eBooks or CD rom - from The Magic Touch

The Close-up Newsletter continues at only - $35 (£25) for 12 packed issues.

"New Style Card Magic" A THREE LESSON course dealing with three different types of close up card magic that are new and very commercial. -
35 only inc postage. USA $49.95. inc. postage

Full American Tour Lecture Notes are available on CD at only - $35 (£25)

Joe Riding's Full Close-up Magic Course, which was £240 for twelve lessons is now available on CD Rom at only - $75 (£50) See Below.

The same tremendous savings also apply to my Psychic Course. which covers Cold Reading, Palm Reading Close up Hypnosis etc. This course consists of six lessons and sells for £125. It is now available on CD Rom at only - $45 (£30)

"How To Be A Top Class Close Up Magician" **
A TEN LESSON course listing everything you need to know to earn a living from close up magic plus dozens of commercial routines. The only course of it's kind in the world. 50 only inc postage. USA $75 including postage.

"Be A Psychic Consultant / Entertainer". **
A SIX LESSON course on everything you need to know to make a second income. 30 only inc postage. USA $45

"Stand Up & Close Up Notes plus Comedy Card Effects & Gags"
A must for every performing magician.
Great Value at only: 25 inc. postage USA $35 inc. postage

"Complete Comedy Technique For Magicians"
35 only inc. postage U.S.A. $49.95 inc. postage

"How To Develop A Super Power Memory"
Price 10 only inc postage. U.S.A. $15 inc. postage

** Please note the above are supplied on CD Rom only.

Have a Magical 2002