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Designer, Hiroko Suzuki is probably one of the least fad-obsessed designers around.

Hiroko’s interest in, and personal experience of different cultures and her enthusiasm for people go hand in hand with her understanding of formal and relaxed styles. Indeed, the years she has spent in the West – Los Angeles, Paris and New York – have taught her to appreciate the sensuality of casual living and dressing. She blends these typically Western volumes with those of her Japanese culture, which sets great storm by form.

As a New York based Japanese designer with a keen interest in Zen and Western art, gregarious temperament and curious mind, her palette is wide.

With equal freedom, she selects her materials from the four corners of the world and while her colors may suggest Japanese aesthetics, they are as exciting as the life of today; multi-culti gone couture.


Prior to starting her own line, Hiroko has also worked for Richard Tyler and Josie Naton.