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It is normal to feel stress and almost every college student has some stress in his or her life. Some typical college stressors include roommate problems, test anxiety, deadlines, midterms, finals, relationships, parents, and school and work responsibilities. About 25% of all college students have reported that they have felt like dropping out of school because of too much stress.


It is estimated that 80% all disease is stress related and that 65% visits to physicians office are for illnesses with no discernable cause - many thought to be stress related.  Stress can be dangerous.  When our response to stress is repeatedly and chronically provoked, especially by mental fears rather than physical threats, the result can be disastrous to our mental and physical health.

 Once causes of stress are identified, you are then able to target and change your reactions to stress, thus preventing and/or reducing stress in your life.


Fortunately, there are many different things you can do to help control your stress levels.  Check out the How To Page of this site to learn some stress management tips.  There are also some good resources to help on the Resources page.