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There are many ways to manage stress.  Here are just a few ideas:


1.  Take a nap: 

2.  Exercise: 

Exercise lessens stress in a number of ways.  Researchers working to control nervous tension have found that patients feel much less jittery, restless, and fatigued after a workout.  It also improves self esteem, which, in turn, reduces stress.

A good workout can actually improve your ability to relax. 

3. Take a bubble bath: 




4.  Time management: 



This includes planning and organizing time, setting goals, prioritizing, and making a To Do list.  I find that if I include things like "take a nap", "have fun", or "exercise" into my To Do list that I make time for those things that are important in managing stress. 

5.  Get a massage:


6.  Play with a pet:

Believe it or not, pets curb stress reaction.  The latest studies supporting the benefits of pet ownership show that the body's reaction to psychological stress may actually be reduced in pet owners. Researchers in the Department of Medicine at the State University of New York at Buffalo have shown that pet owners demonstrate less increase in blood pressure in response to mental stress than do non-pet owners.  

7.  Curl up and read a good book:              










8.  Do some gardening, crafts or other projects:


9.  Meditation/Prayer/Imagery:

The following are simple steps to meditation:

-Lie on your back on a comfortable surface.  Loosen any restrictive clothing

-Place your hands gently just below your belly button.  Close your eyes and imagine a balloon inside your abdomen.

-Each time you breath, imagine the balloon filling with air.  Your hands will gently rise.  Each time you breath out, imagine the balloon deflating.   Your hands will gently lower down.

-Focus on the sound and sensation of breathing as you become more and more relaxed.

10.  Eat a healthy diet: 


Be sure to include a well balanced diet with plenty of fruits and veggies.