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The Throreau Transcendentalist Society

The Thoreau Transcendentalist Society Pledge

I pledge allegiance
To Thoreau
The Brama of the Transcendentalist Society
And to the nature
For the trees that stand
One society
Under Thoreau
Inseperable With intuition and no government for all

In order to become a member of the Thoreau Transcendentalist Society, you must pledge your allegiance to Henry David Thoreau and have transcendentalist beliefs. The society under Thoreau believes intuition and no government intervention. Everyone must think deeper about things than what is on the surface. They also must write about their thoughts, much like Thoreau did. They then have to share their writings and thoughts with other members of the society. They must protect nature and not harm it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is this society located?
We are located in the woods of Erie, Pennsylvania. The society is near a lake. The members go fishing for food and bathe there. They also hunt in the woods. The society members try to live as simply as possible.

How do I join?
You will probably not be able to join. Anyone viewing this website is not cut out to be a true transcendentalist because they do not believe in the use of technology. You will be exiled if caught while in this society. (I know from experience). However if you would like to change your ways, you can reach the president of The Thoreau Transcendentalist Society by mail at the following address.

The Thoreau Transcendentalist Society
P.O. Box 7677
Erie, PA 89452-7677