Very crappy and simple Orgy AIM icon I made. I used it as my avatar on the OMB for a short while.

Edit of an old pic or Brandon Smith from The Anix. Lyrics from "Stand Alone" are used. The 1st version of the image had the wrong lyrics. :X. Used as sig at OMB.

A sig image I used on the OMB, just some random quote I thought of, Cubism was used to make the weird backgrounds. I dunno, I kind of like this one, then I kind of don't like it.

A simple little banner I did about Girls in the Eighties. The words on the left are lyrics from "Agoraphobia". First time smudge worked out fairly well.

A edit of a screenshot from Dir En Grey's PV, "Child Prey". The words are translated lyrics from the song. Used as sig at OMB.

A quick banner I made for the OMB. It has the lyrics from the song "Vague". Pretty boring. First time I used video distorts for an image, though.

This image is a screenshot from Silent Hill 4: The Room with some quick editing. I saw the screenshot and instantly thought of Vanity Beach's song, "The Knight Murders".