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Around the world on Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2004


Welcome to my record of my first around the world flight.

Your Captain for this trip is going to be myself, Alister Curnow. I live in Christchurch, New Zealand and fly virtually with my flight simulator on my home pc. Microsoft have done an amazing job with this simulator and it is now possible to fly completely around the virtual REAL world, visiting countries along the way, the likes of which I will probably never see. This flight is something I've wanted to achieve since owning flight simulator, and my Virtual Airline has now given me to opportunity to untake this quest.

I am a Senior First Officer for Virtual Air New Zealand, that operates out of Auckland, New Zealand. We model ourselves off the real airline, and complete Air New Zealand's flights virtually, flying the same schedules, in the same aircraft. We have a server running FSHost which allows pilots to fly online together, and also allows for a hop list to be created. This hoplist is what I will be following for my trip. A big thanks to VANZ for making this possible, and to Lee for his server. Click on the banner below to visit my favourite virtual airline.

Legs will be updated one at a time as I complete them. Included will be pictures from the trip, in the various spots around the world of interest. This page is the main index page, and will have links for each of the legs I intend to follow. Those that have been completed will be updated as I go.

But, sitting at the start of my trip in Wellington, New Zealand, I had to decide... what am I going to fly? I have the pick of the virtual world of course! Anything goes! Boeing? Airbus? McDonnell Douglas? Or how about a Cessna? I have decided finally to fly all sorts of aircraft for the trip, to keep it interesting and varied for myself. I'll endeavour to use something fitting if the moment and location is right, or will stick to the 737-700 where I am stuck for a choice. This flight afterall is a great way to showcase many of the fine aircraft available in the world, and thus in the flight sim world.




1. Wellington Int to Nadi Int (NZWN- NFFN)

2. Nadi Int to Honolulu Int (NFFN- PHNL)

3. Honolulu Int to Los Angeles Int (PHNL- KLAX)

4. Los Angeles Int to McCarren Int (KLAX- KLAS)

5. McCarren Int to Lic Benito Juarez Int (KLAS- MMMX)

6. Lic Benito Juarez Int to Daniel Oduber Quiros Int (MMMX- MRLB)

7. Daniel Oduber Quiros Int to Arturo Michelena Int (MRLB- SVVA)

8. Arturo Micelena Int to Princess Juliana Int (SVVA- TNCM)

9. Princess Juliana Int to Nouakchott (TNCM- GQNN)

10. Nouakchott to Lisbon (GQNN- LPPT)

11. Lisbon to El Prat (LPPT- LEBL)

12. El Prat to Charles De Gaulle (LEBL- LFPG)

13. Charles De Gaulle to Gatwick (LFPG- EGKK)

14. Gatwick to Edinburgh (EGKK- EGPH)

15. Edinburgh to Gardermoen (EGPH- ENGM)

16. Gardermoen to Schiphol (ENGM- EHAM)

17. Schiphol to Geneva (EHAM- LSGG)

18. Geneva to Tessera (LSGG- LIPZ)

19. Tessera to Eleftherios Venizelos Int (LIPZ- LGAV)

20. Eleftherios Venizelos Int to Cairo Int (LGAV- HECA)

21. Cairo Int to Jerusalem (HECA- LLJR)

22. Jerusalem to Kuwait Int (LLJR- OKBK)

23. Kuwait Int to Allama Iqbal Int (OKBK- OPLA)

24. Allam Iqbal Int to Hyderabad (OPLA- OPKD)

25. Hyderabad to Tribhuvan (OPKD- VNKT)

26. Tribhuvan to Beijing Capital (VNKT- ZBAA)

27. Beijing Capital to Hong Kong Int (ZBAA- VHHH)

28. Hong Kong Int to Bangkok Int (VHHH- VTBD)

29. Bangkok Int to Changi (VTBD- WSSS)

30. Changi to Henderson (WSSS- AGGH)

31. Henderson to Cairns Int (AGGH- YBCS)

32. Cairns Int to Brisbane Int (YBCS- YBBN)

33. Brisbane Int to Kingsford Smith Int (YBBN- YSSY)

34. Kingsford Smith Int to Hobart (YSSY- YMHB)

35. Hobart to Dunedin (YMHB- NZDN)

36. Dunedin to Christchurch Int (NZDN- NZCH)

and the last leg...

37. Christchurch Int to Wellington Int (NZCH- NZWN)