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Leg Thirty One

Henderson, Honiara, Soloman Islands


Cairns International, Australia


Flown: March 20th 2004

Departure: 12.45pm

Route: FSNAV High Altitude airways, Cruise altitude 33,500ft

Arrival: 3.00pm

Distance travelled: 965nm

Aircraft used: Boeing 767-300ER Australian Airlines

Comments: With so many Australian legs on this world tour, it's going to be hard for me to find enough Australian airlines. And since I couldn't find an airline that flew to Henderson, I decided I'd fly Australian Airlines on this leg. Had a nice departure from Honiara, amazing views again with coral reefs and forested islands around me. Climbed smooth and easily to 33,500ft and headed towards Australia. The cruise was pretty boring over the ocean, but finally Australia emerged out of the haze. I never thought I'd be this happy to see Australia! At last after thousands of world trip miles, all my special additions to the game were visable again. A great terrain mesh, and great landclass and special FS-Scene textures for Australia and NZ. These FSScene Summer textures of New Zealand and Australia are truely amazing, and really bring the region to life. After so many hours on my world tour flying across defaultville FS2004, it was a blessing to come home to this. Green and beautiful welcomed me as the Australian coastline came into view. This was to be my first visit to Cairns, at it looked interesting. A smallish town surrounded by hills made for an interesting approach. But, made it safely of course, and had a very nice landing with a slight crosswind.


Climbing out of Henderson. Puffy white clouds, great weather for flying in the islands. FSScene textures giving the islands as well a beautiful green colour.

Still over Honiara, heading southwest towards Australia.

Leaving the Soloman Islands behind. What a view!

High at cruise altitude. Nice looking plane.

Descending in to line up approach for Cairns.

On final. Hmm.. that building looks a little close for comfort.

Just before touchdown in Australia! Hooray!

Parked up beside my aircraft for my next hop. Only a few minutes before departure, better hurry and swap over!