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Welcome to the Free Christian Homepage. What is a "Free Christian". A Free Christian is a man or woman who has been "set free" by the Blood of Jesus. Free Christians do not belong to any human organization. We belong solely to the Mystical Body of Christ; which is the invisible body of true Believers everywhere.

Free Christians don't believe they must also be Lutherans, or Methodists, or Baptists, or "Disciples of Christ", or members of any manmade "sect".

Free Christians have "Creed" or set of beliefs other than the Holy Scriptures. Free Christians do not "judge" others on what is "biblical" or "unbiblical". Free Christians have diverse beliefs

Free Christians do adhere to an expanded version of the Bible that we call The Holy Scriptures. This includes all 66 books of the current Protestant Bible, plus the Apocrypha, plus other books which the ancient Christians accepted as inspired of God, such as:

*The Didache (The Teachings of the Apostles)

*The Pastor of Hermas

*The Apocalypse of Peter

*The Epistles of Ignatius

Why do we accept these books in addition to the current books in the Bible? Because the ancient Christians did. We tend to follow them. We believe that the beliefs of the ancient Church was much closer to the teachings of Jesus and His Apostles than the current Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant/Evangelical traditions.

For example, the Bible does not deal with the issue of abortion. But, the Didache does. Free Christians know that the ancient Christian believed and accepted these books as God-breathed. So do Free Christians.

Here are some of the beliefs of Free Christians:


The killing of a child in the womb. It is forbidden. Free Christians don't abort their children unless it is to save the physical life of the mother.


Free Christians may practice contraception if the zygot, or fertilized conceptus, is not aborted.


Free Christians believe that the body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. We should not defile it. Smoking is something that should be overcome via prayer, hypnotherapy, or other methods.


The ancient Christians used femented wine; because alcohol had to be used as a perservative since there was no refrigeration. Free Christians use grapejuice for the Communion. They do not use alcohol.


Free Christians believe that sex is a gift of God. The Bible forbids adultery and fornication. The word "fornication" comes from the Greek pornea; which means "prostitute". Sex with prostitutes is forbidden; because prostitutes are unclean. Loving sex between an unmarried man and a woman is not forbidden in the Bible; as many presume. Sex between a man and a man is forbidden in the Bible. Sex between a woman and a woman is forbidden in the Bible.

Marriage is a social custom, not a commandment of GOD. Free Christians are "free" to engage in sex with membes of the opposite sex; as long as it is based upon love and not lust.


The word "Pornography" comes from the Greek porneo graphia; the "Writings of Prostitutes". Today, it means viewing people having sex. Does the Bible deal with this issue? It does not. Each Free Christian must decide for him or herself if pornography is a negative or positive thing for them. The Spirit must guide them on this issue that the Bible is silent upon.

Public Nudity

There is nothing in the Bible about public nudity. The ancient Christian baptized each other in the nude for the first 4 centuries. Free Christians also get baptized in the nude. This is symbolic of our being born again. Free Christiand do not believe that the human body is evil, but it is a gift of God.

For centures Protestants in Scandinavia have gone into saunas with their family members, and friends, completely nude. This was not seen as offensive or immoral. Christian women in Africa breatfeed their infants while topless in church. Locals do not see this as offensive or immoral.

The reason why nudity creates "lust" in Western culture is because young people are raised to believe that the nude human body is shameful. Such lustful thoughts do not enter the minds of Christians in Japan, where there are public baths, or Christians in Sweden or Finland where there is public nudity in saunas.

Free Christians are baptized in the nude. Free Christians do not believe that the nude human form is shameful.


Free Christians worship in the homes of other Free Christians, or in parks for picnics, or in restaurants over dinner.