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To download videos right click them then select 'Save Target As'

Foot SmashDeclan smashes his foot on a blue chair whist doing a flip

A Lurrie going past at Mexico... yay

Cool Grinds
- You have to see this! It may take a while to download but if you have broad band it shouldnt be too long.
Including: Jason.L, Joe.T, Josh.O, Matt.W, Thomas.G and Jamie

Declan Falling off a BIG wall, yay

Chair - WayneWayne Stott getting a chair thrown at him at Rustys must see! - 1.7mb

Campout If you want to see what the campout video looks like then you can watch this. I tried to find the most funny bits, but they arent all in there. The quality isnt as good as the real movie. Worth the wait though. 1.9mb - about 1:20min

Funny ClipsLoads of painfull, funny and slow motion clips. You have to see this its just soo funny! - 1.9mb

The Fractions
music video. Bad quality but good enougth. Sound quality is q bad too. Worth the wait though. 1.2mb

Rustys Clips
V Funny. Sound is good but video is a bit skippy. Cool vid tho, if u want better then buy it! Less than 1mb

Sam Cryers Party Images Mix
This is COOL. Sound, editing and music. V Funny. Good Sound + Pic quality. Less Than 1MB!
This Ones best to download because if you dont it just appears in a small window. (To download it right click then select 'Save Target As')

Harry Potter 2 (Lesson Time)
This is a v funny mickey take of Harry Potter! You HAVE to see it! Bad pic and sound quality but bearable.

Strangeiest thing you have ever seen. Where do i find this stuff?

Slumber Party
2 Girls having a slumber party. SamC and RosieD this is realllyyyy funny, Rosie is great in it.

Smash Head On Lampost
Andrew runs down a hill and SMACKS his head on a lampost! Less than 1MB

Wanted - 7 - Remix
Wantedn (Jackass) episode made better. We are giving out Backdoor leflets.

Bush Jump
Patrick and Declan jump over some bushes and fall over, thats all!
Small Digital Videos



Barneys Christening


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