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Hi, i cant be bothered with this site anyomore, sorry. The videos and everything is still here though so if you want you can still look at them.

I will still add videos sometimes if theyre good, bye.


I have 18 movies in the movie section
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Bush Jump - Video
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Smack Head On Lampost - Video
Slumber Party - Video
Wanted 7 Remix - Video
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19th March 04 Long time since update! Hi All!
19th Jan 04:HI! check the picture sec!!
1 Jan 04: HAPPY NEW YEAR! Check the new vidz and the US section, is v good not i sorted it.
30 Dec 03: Made music video for Britney Overprotected, with SamC and RosieD - nice work! i Edited it myself last nite. I will have it up on the site by next week. Sam and Rosie: your Ragestar account will be activated now, ask me for your password. I also went to Oldham with SamC and Rosie D, it was fun!
27th Dec 03 : i want it to SNOW!!!! If you think you know what strange is then check out clerkz, the vid section.
21 Dec 03: I added a HARRY POTTER video i made. YOU MUST see it. Merry Christmas!
13 Dec 03: I have put SOME of the pictures onto the Pictures Section so you better go and see them or i will bang you out! More pics to come (the ones with the X in are the ones to come!) Just added Video Watch It! (Movies section)
8 Dec 03: Yay, its christmas. SamC is having a party tomorrow, i will take my camera and hopefully post some video or pictures on the site. (Burl is gay)
29 Nov 03: Just been to Oldham with SamC and MarkA. NEW!! If you have any movies, sounds or pictures then put them on the net or give them to me and i will put them on my website.
15 Nov 03: I added a music section. About 300 songs in it! I cant find a way for u to be able 2 download then yet so u can only listen while online. Quality of em isnt THAT bad. p.s. dont go tellin EVERYONE about it, directory-accsessible music is illegal.
13 Nov 03: I have added a new video to the video section (where else?) Its got loads of clips of the funniest things i have ever filmed. You HAVE to see it, its abut 1mb so it shouldnt take long to see. You really have to download this one cos i made some clips go in slow motion and its just sooo funny!
7 Nov 03: I have relesed the campout clip. Goto the Videos Section to see it. Its DEFINATLEY worth it!
6 Nov 03: I am working on a small preview clip of the campout film so you see wht its like, i hope you know that if i could i would put the whole video up on the site for free, its just too big!
24 Oct 03: Added to the videos section is a video called 'Cool Grinds', filmed in rustys its a 1 min long video of people grinding along them yellow railings.
10 Oct 03: See wayne Stott getting a chair thrown at him at rustys (v painfull), Download them now from the Videos section.

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Hi, My Name is Thomas Garlick. Here you can watch some of my movies. I film skating, jackass, some funny stuff and more! Go to the videos section to see some of them.

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