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Question Asking Game!Games!

Tamogotchi / ciber pet!

You have to download this one. This download will take about 5 seconds and its worth it!

Download It

How to use it: Open the file you just downloaded and only use the internet explorer page file, you can ignore the text file. Click on the various buttons to do that to the pet. If you still need any help then email me (below)

Sim Lemonade Stand

This is a cool game! You have to own a lemonade stand and make shure youre buisness runs smoothly! Stock up on ice, cups, shugsr and lemons and earn money! Simple to play but if you get stuck just email me (below)
This file may be a bit slow to download at first but it will soon speed up. Download time without broadband = 25 seconds!

Download Lemonade
Note!: When you open the zip folder all you need to go on is the 'autogen_Lemonade.html' file!

Shoot Up Sci-Fi

This is COOL you have to explode the rocks that are falling to youre base!

Download time without Broadband = 30 seconds! May be slow to start tho.

To use: When downloaded open the file 'rocks' then go into 'New File' then 'applets' then 'rocks' then 'index.html' ignore all other files!

Download it!


ULTRA quick 1 sec download!

You can make anything with this! Create a block of any colour or size its fun! PLUS you dont have to pick em up when you have finished!! Download open it and click on blox2.htm to get on game!

Download Lego



Red Bugs

Great and VERY addictive game!

Download time 28 sec. click on all the green bugs to kill them before they eat all youre red bugs!to use: Open the file then click on Game.html


Fly Thru Space! (without drugs!)