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Character Info:

Name: Whedge

Race: Elvaan             Job: Warrior/Thief            Level: 30/15

Server:  Lakshmi       Hometown: San d'Oria       LinkShell: FallenAngels



In the heat of battle in Ronfaure.

Claymore 2H Sword.

A Dragoon I ran into.

My first party experience. We were killed by a stupid bird...   :(

Square-Enix put out Mogs to give you fireworks. It was to commemorate FFXI's 1 year anniversary.

Here's me in the town square.

This guy synthesized an item while I was doing some shopping.

Here is a map of San D'oria. (click for larger image)


Click for a few zipped pics

I had to run to Valkrum, then I died AS SOON AS I MET UP WITH THE LS!!!!!

Some sweet ass Summons!

A rainbow in La Theine.

A Glimpse of Titan.

Fighting an Air Elemental

Kera summoned Carbuncle!

Me and Trax saw a Paladin in AF armor!

Do you smell what the Sinz is cookin'? It smells like rabbit meat! </corny joke>

Chillin' near the Crag

Sweet Dragoon AF!


Jugner trees can be dangerous...